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Vraiment un super boulot, quel que soit le jeu que tu as fait. Ce jeu là annonce encore plus du lourd ! ( Je crois deviner que tu est français je me trompe ? : P )

Tu as déjà envisagé de rajouter de la torture plus "hard" genre de la pénectomie ? Le problèmes c'est que c'est permanent donc on peux pas le faire plusieurs fois, mais c'est un élément de frustration non négligeable qui peut donner une autre dimension au tease and denial.

Quelques trouvailles sur internet au cas ou ça te donne des idées (remplacer les ---- par http)


I'm not french, although I had it in's good enough to understand but not well enough to answer, so please forgive me but I will answer in english.

Penis amputation will not happen in the game. I know that one should say "never say never", but I can't see it happening unless it's some sort of bad ending and even then it would not be my style. I like the less dramatic version, a chastity cage.

And thanks for sending me these pictures, but I'm already familiar with neocorona's work ;)

Woops, okay, i thought you were french since i saw some words like "mdr" on the walls of some of your games

Yeah i understand. But it doesn't have to happen to the hero. Maybe he will only heard about it by a mistress that it happend to one other slave, to scare a him a little :P

Anyway, i'm sure whatever you do will be great, i look forward the full release of this game !

Btw, do you know more artists like neocorona ? i only know him and Salamando Flames(but it's not artwork, only captions). I'm looking for more of this genre. Maybe you can help me 

There are a lot of interesting artists, right out of my head I would say: Sardax, Nanshakh, Nobodyinparticular, Kamitora, Augustine95. There are a lot more talented artists, I would just look on sites like, hentai-foundry or other picture sites where artists show their work.