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Woops, okay, i thought you were french since i saw some words like "mdr" on the walls of some of your games

Yeah i understand. But it doesn't have to happen to the hero. Maybe he will only heard about it by a mistress that it happend to one other slave, to scare a him a little :P

Anyway, i'm sure whatever you do will be great, i look forward the full release of this game !

Btw, do you know more artists like neocorona ? i only know him and Salamando Flames(but it's not artwork, only captions). I'm looking for more of this genre. Maybe you can help me 

There are a lot of interesting artists, right out of my head I would say: Sardax, Nanshakh, Nobodyinparticular, Kamitora, Augustine95. There are a lot more talented artists, I would just look on sites like, hentai-foundry or other picture sites where artists show their work.