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I'm really fond of games of this genre and although this game is still being completed, it is worth adding to your Wishlist and sharing with your friends.

The artwork was the first thing to grab my attention. From backgrounds, to characters and effects, this game stands out as a love child in the making. Adding in the quality sound effects and vibing music, I keep coming back for more. 

A few things I noticed about gameplay was the pacing of movement and attacks. You can only shoot straight while the enemies can shoot 360 degrees. When you're surrounded by enemies it makes it more of a challenge to attack (no diagonal attacks) and the evade has a timer leaving you to rely on your stubby legs and wits. It'll take some time to get used to it but once you do, the experience is thrilling!

Can't wait to see more of Metaverse Keeper in the future.

That’s really lovely cafeDraw! It is very nice of you to tell us so much! See you soon!