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Today we have a demo on Steam, welcome to the Steam experience.

We will consider it,and make the level more reasonable.

Aha~I'm really happy that you like this game, if you have question, u can contact with us at any time.

Well played! Glad you like it.

Seems you got a good partner for the co-op :)

Thanks! How do you like the co-op? As few people have experienced the co-op and give us feedback.

Thanks for your  opinion. Actually we are  trying to lower the difficulty now.

Glad you like it! We are working on a better UI to show the controls in case you forget about the tutorial. Also, you could open the menu with Esc button to check the controls. 

Thanks for the review! You may also have a try at the co-op mode, which will guarantee you another completely different experience!

Glad you like it! Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any suggestions or problems for the game.

Haha, it is indeed a little difficult at first.

Thanks for the video! Glad you like it :)

Just Steam for now.

Only 64 bit for Windows.

PS4 controller is supported. Any problem about it?

Glad to hear that and thank you dataismore!

Thank you ThaNine and see you soon!

Thats funny and thank you Belgariad87!

It’s hard to say now but we will try to work on that! Thank you LiamD!

Hmmm sorry I barely see there’s any similarity or if you wanna tell us more. Anyway thank you The Gamer Cat!

That’s really lovely cafeDraw! It is very nice of you to tell us so much! See you soon!

Thanks for your feedback Manik Sinha! We’ll try to fix that!

Thanks for your video redstonie! We will bring more weapons in the future!

Thank you GrayDeathSociety! Hope it brought you happiness!

Wow that’s amazing! Thanks for your support AlaskanPsyche!

Muchas gracias!

HAHA that sounds really funny. Thank you Marxxiez, and see you soon!

Thank you Trash_7ONE! I'm glad to hear that and hope you enjoy it!

Thank you Cryptic Hybrid! I really enjoy your video! We are still working on it and will bring more features of course.

Nice video and very impressive. Thank you Queen Faith89!

Haha yeah some monsters can be really tricky, you have to deal with them carefully. :D Thank you for your support!

Thank you Bunny Bot! I’ll see you on release day!