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I played the newer version (1.1.1 steam release) and got a ?bug?. The Uterus enemy seemed unkillable. Did 2000+ dmg on the embryo and the body main part (all limbs and head gone).
The embryo just reduced all sanity of my party members to 0(=dead but not dead... members just dont take a turn anymore).
Then it was just an endlessloop of the embryo doing this over and over (meaning I had to exit game to load).
Dont know if that is just a single occurence or if it is always like this now because i didnt save for while and i just had to stop the game because i was so frustrated(sorry).

And another one (maybe not really a bug): When you kill someone in front of a door or a book I cant access it anymore(only the loottext for the corpse shows up). Which is pretty frustrating because I killed a guard right infront of legards prisoncell.

Btw thanks for the game. It is a blast. And i love that you are adding even more content to it. I cant get enough <3.

No need to be sorry, Schneeli. I hope that the next patch removes this bug, so that you can go back to enjoying the game.

The endless loop with the Uterus definitely is a bug. I did make Uterus a lot more difficult though, because people seemed to just rush through them with no danger or worrt whataoever. Headshots don't kill it anymore as it isn't a living thing per se anyways. 

The second 'bug' is a known problem, but it might need some big game engine changes to fix.