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This happened to me too.

How the bug happened for me (as far as I remember): I entered the "tree" area and tried to avoid the Mumbler enemy. She managed to get me and attacked me. As I was attacked, I was facing the left side. After beating the enemy, my character was still facing the left side and I couldn't turn or face the other side, I also couldn't click or interact with the objects in my north since I was facing the left side.

I am using: WINDOWS Version 1.1.0

I made a video to show you how it looks like (btw no sound, I removed it): 

I tried sawing off my leg and also attack more enemies but I remained in this position.

Hmm. This seems like a completely new version 1.1.0 bug... Several people have told me about this already. I'll try to get a quick fix version out soon!