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I remember it being mentioned that we can grow limbs back now. Any hints how to do that and figure that out? Does it also include growing back legs? Cos I jumped into a hole and broke my legs cos my curiosity got the better of me.

I discovered some bugs.

*) When I was in the “tree”: After I fell into a hole, my character got locked in a position again, only facing the front.

*) I asked the enemy for mercy and she said she would have mercy on me but the character event scene replayed again and we fought again. I don’t know, if that is normal or a bug but I thought I’d mention it.

I was recording a letsplay when the bugs happened so I have it in this video:

(For people who don’t wanna be possibly spoilered: don’t watch the video)

Exact times: 1:52 first bug, 34:51 second bug

I was using the windows version 1.1.1.

This happened to me too.

How the bug happened for me (as far as I remember): I entered the "tree" area and tried to avoid the Mumbler enemy. She managed to get me and attacked me. As I was attacked, I was facing the left side. After beating the enemy, my character was still facing the left side and I couldn't turn or face the other side, I also couldn't click or interact with the objects in my north since I was facing the left side.

I am using: WINDOWS Version 1.1.0

I made a video to show you how it looks like (btw no sound, I removed it): 

I tried sawing off my leg and also attack more enemies but I remained in this position.

okay I understand! thank you for the respond <3 

Video of the bug. When I tried making love to Enki, at first, I was surprised and happy that he was ready to do so, but then nothing happened and the characters turned invisible. (I hope the video link works). In the video, I tried preparing for it: I cleared my equipment, lighted the candles, prayed to Sylvian, hoping to prevent the bug from happening again, but it happened again unfortunately. Am I doing something wrong on my part maybe?

Hello :) Just downloaded the latest update and I wanted to know if there is some way to convert/transfer my gameplay/save file from a previous update to the latest one. btw I love the game so far. (I am CookieChan10 on twitter btw)

Just played the demo and I have to say I love it! I've played a game in pixel art style before, and I admit that I like it a lot. The music is also catchy and brings on the fitting mood to the script/scenes, just like those sound effects, that make the game more realistic and attractive to more senses. The sorta animations and facial expressions are something I really like as well! You don't see those a lot nowadays in most games, and let me tell you I appreciate and admire all the hard work you put into this. I like the way the script is written too! It's really interesting and fun to read. And I think I have a little crush on Jean. I just love the way she looks at you and she has a cool personality too. And the way you constructed your furry world, is very logical and I love the detailed thought you put into it. I've also imagined that city furries would wear clothes, and the ones living on the land or forest areas, would wear less clothes.

All in all, an awesome demo so far and I hope there'll be more. I can't wait for the final result :) You've won me as a fan

Hi! I played v5.1 today and found this bugged wall. I thought you might want to know that. Btw, do you have any tips for the coin flip coincidence game feature? At the beginning I had a lucky hand but then the game always used the opposite side of the coin I chose. And, when the Dark Priest fights against monsters he is scared of, does it mean his rate of hitting the monster is lower?

I really can't wait for more! The characters are great and so cute. The interaction between protagonist and Juleon (?, sorry if I got the name wrong) were my favorite so far :) and I wish I could have seen or read more about them bonding. But I also enjoyed the little disput between Gear and the lion. Please keep up the work !

I can't wait for more, to be totally honest. I love the game and I am a little saddened at the fact that I can't continue playing because I feel like I already found everything there is to find. There are so many secrets which I cannot figure out since only the demo version is available. What's it about the path of mahabre? What can you do with the embryo (artificially created by the black liquid and blood), what about the pinecone? There are many more questions which make me excited for the full game. I hope in the next update I can find this out and figure out how to make my party bigger by more useful characters like the Highlander or the Mercenary.

My experience: 1) I love playing as the Dark Priest because of his necromacy although it frustrates me just more when the revival of the corpses doesn't work out.

2) The crow guy is a tough guy. I remember when I had a full party of the Dark Priest, 2 ghouls and the little girl, and the crow bit all their heads off except for the priest.  I managed to kill it, but my party of 4 reduced itself to a one man army. 

3) All the different endings and ways you can die are shocking and exciting. It really makes the game special as well. There is so much detail to the game.

Please keep up the great work! Can't wait for the final result :)