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I too waited for a demo with all of the initial routes available before even trying the demo. For me, the secret RO in the first game is and always will remain the canonical route so I wanted my first playthrough of the sequel to be that route. Minette got along better with Frederique than with any other and the feeling was so obviously mutual. It was so nice to see that they had found happiness together still just as much in love. I hope they can withstand their mother's scheming. 

I felt so bad for Charlotte on her route when her own little brother Marc for whom she cares so much was so rude to her. I hope Charlotte's friendship with her brother can be mended. 

I hope it turns out that Lade Albertine was able to marry her Captain Gaspare after all. 

On those routes where Francesca is married to Guillaume, if Francesca chooses to gloat to the MC about being married to the Prince, I hope the MC has the chance to tell Francesca that Francesca was the best embodiment of everything Segunda had come to expect of its Princesses in the last few centuries. 

I actually had a higher opinion of Guillaume on the loveless marriage route than the loving marriage route. I respect Guillaume on the loveless route for NEVER pressuring the MC for an heir. That was far preferable to him ignoring the MC when he supposedly loved her. I am glad there will be an option to try to turn that loveless marriage into one of love. If I had any remaining doubts as to how to feel about Duchess di Parisi, those doubts were resolved on the loveless marriage route. 

I was glad on the single route if the King had picked the MC, then Guillaume was able to remain single avoiding a loveless marriage as well. I wish he could have avoided a loveless marriage on more of the routes. 

I tried the loveless marriage route last and mostly for a sense of completeness. It was every bit as heartbreaking as I had feared but I am still glad I tried it. Even when everyone else abandoned Minette, Frederique never stopped caring for her and as painful as those 2 years were for her, those years may even have been worse for him after having tried so hard to protect her from that fate only to fail and his biggest regret is not having done even more for her. Frederique is and always will be my favorite character in this series. 


Thank you for the feedback and your patience in waiting for Frederique's route - I'm glad you enjoyed it so far. 

There will certainly be confrontations with Francesca coming up in some of the routes - though how you engage with her will be left to player choice.

I'm glad you found the loveless route worth playing, as well - I think it could be very interesting route as the MC will be very close to court, but potentially without the usual family/spousal ties . It's going to be fun seeing how everyone ends up proceeding with that one. 

Thanks for playing