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I too waited for a demo with all of the initial routes available before even trying the demo. For me, the secret RO in the first game is and always will remain the canonical route so I wanted my first playthrough of the sequel to be that route. Minette got along better with Frederique than with any other and the feeling was so obviously mutual. It was so nice to see that they had found happiness together still just as much in love. I hope they can withstand their mother's scheming. 

I felt so bad for Charlotte on her route when her own little brother Marc for whom she cares so much was so rude to her. I hope Charlotte's friendship with her brother can be mended. 

I hope it turns out that Lade Albertine was able to marry her Captain Gaspare after all. 

On those routes where Francesca is married to Guillaume, if Francesca chooses to gloat to the MC about being married to the Prince, I hope the MC has the chance to tell Francesca that Francesca was the best embodiment of everything Segunda had come to expect of its Princesses in the last few centuries. 

I actually had a higher opinion of Guillaume on the loveless marriage route than the loving marriage route. I respect Guillaume on the loveless route for NEVER pressuring the MC for an heir. That was far preferable to him ignoring the MC when he supposedly loved her. I am glad there will be an option to try to turn that loveless marriage into one of love. If I had any remaining doubts as to how to feel about Duchess di Parisi, those doubts were resolved on the loveless marriage route. 

I was glad on the single route if the King had picked the MC, then Guillaume was able to remain single avoiding a loveless marriage as well. I wish he could have avoided a loveless marriage on more of the routes. 

I tried the loveless marriage route last and mostly for a sense of completeness. It was every bit as heartbreaking as I had feared but I am still glad I tried it. Even when everyone else abandoned Minette, Frederique never stopped caring for her and as painful as those 2 years were for her, those years may even have been worse for him after having tried so hard to protect her from that fate only to fail and his biggest regret is not having done even more for her. Frederique is and always will be my favorite character in this series. 

I do think all at once is probably the best option. As far as ordering them from favorite to least favorite, it would be: Frederique, Sofia, Charlotte, Guillaume, single, Leopold, then Bastien. 

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I actually made an account just to be able to comment on this game. I love the demo and I am really looking forward to the full game. 

I chose to name my main character(MC) Minerva for two reasons. First and least importantly, I thought it went well with the main character's nickname. Second and more importantly, I felt naming a girl for the goddess of wisdom and strategy was an appropriate rejection of a culture that expected girls to be only pretty idiots. 

I like how to be a bookworm you actually have to give up the book. At first I did not realize that but it was a very nice touch that only a bookworm would be willing to give up a book simply because she already had several other books to read. 

Frederique is my favorite character, someone who has known the MC as long as he has and who makes clear that he would support the MC no matter what and that he only wants the MC to be happy. 

My next favorite would probably be Guillaume. (He would have been the first route I played through in the full game had I not found out about the secret romance. I think the secret romance path will almost definitely be my favorite and I am so glad you included it.) I first started playing the demo determined not to pursue any one individual but just to have my character be herself as I envisioned it and Guillaume actually appreciated my character just being herself. He still can't compare to the secret romance but I do like Guillaume. 

Next would probably be Lady Sofia. I'm not sure yet about romance but she could definitely become a close friend. 

Lady Charlotte is so sweet. I am very glad you changed Charlotte from being a rival instead. I'm not sure if Charlotte is ready for romance as opposed to just needing an actual friend. I also like the bee scene and if Lady Charlotte had not been there, on the appropriate path I would have gladly chosen to "educate" the party about Aphesian bees, but Charlotte was there and I just could not do that to her. 

My character could never end up with someone that found Lady Charlotte's terror amusing nor with someone that spends every conversation trying to pressure my character back into society's mold. 

I like King Auguste's speech. It reminds me of Bilbo's birthday speech in Fellowship of the Ring. King Auguste: I know he is as eager to celebrate his birthday as you all are to share it with him… That is actually quite possibly a true statement. 

MC: I… do not believe I recognize you and I thought I would know everyone in attendance. The timing of this statement is questionable considering just a moment before this the MC failed to recognize the Duke of Tremaine on sight. 

MC: Hmm, you are not a stupid as you seem, are you? I apologize if this has already been noted and fixed, but it should be " are not as stupid as...".

During the picnic Lady Albertine: But they’re horrid creatures! There is no portrait in the lower left for Lady Albertine when she says this. 

My brother finds a place beside me, Duke Leopold and Lady Sofia seating themselves across from us, while the Prince is surrounded by as many young ladies can fit upon a picnic blanket, and the group settles to enjoy the feast. Some paths say “My brother find a place beside me” but other paths say “finds”. 

The topiary. It was ordered and yet fantasicalIt should be "fantastical". 

Lady Francesca: Ah, that recalls to me the time you asked the Duke Du Varlet where your luggage was when we arrive at Countess LaFouche’s birthday celebrations. It should be "...when we arrived...". 

Lady Albertine: Oh my, you didn’t! I’ll warrent he was furious. I think it should be "...warrant..". 

MC: I did and I also know that when he attended the Parisi midwinter ball last year, he got extravagantly drunk and manage to set fire to his own frock tails. It should be "...managed...". 

MC: Why I once spent half of Frederique’s annual university picnic lecturing some unknown group of gentlemen about the inconsistencies in a lately published paper on the history of the Cousin’s War, only to discover than the author had been among them. It should be "...only to discover that...". 

I say nothing and my brother clearly unterprets my silence for distress of some kind, Frederique taking my hand to loop it gently about his arm. It should be "...interprets" and Frederique is so sweet but I digress.