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Haha you won't be when you see whats replacing it!

Cheers! -din

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You are the artists that create whatever you want, however I feel the 'touching' (or more accurately, creepy groping) mechanic is something that should be relagated to trashy Japanese/Korean/Chinese imported games rather than ones created by an indie team with actual talent and creativity.

You're better than that.  I know you are.  If you still want to leave it in then that's up to you but I don't think there are enough of your customers who would go crazy if the feature was left out of the final version.

Alternatively, a separate build without the 'creepy groping' feature please?  Much appreciated and would mitigate the 'OMG Censorship of Creepy Groping' crowd that comes out of their caves to yell at clouds.

I've got absolutely zero issues with any of the other remaining cheesy/sexy artwork.  All the lovely ladies look adult(ish) and that's much better than most VNs :)


I think you might actually like the touching then, because of the consequences of not being in Relationship with that character. I won't spoil the fun though so you'll just have to try it when you feel daring XD We want to keep the touching though in both versions so you can pet Animals and interact with the environments too (=

We appreciate the honest feedback either way and are glad to hear you are looking forward to Faulty Apprentice Chapter One!

Cheers! -din


I appreciate the mature response to reasonable feedback.  I'm glad you all are wonderful indie devs :)
I've got a bit of a backlog but this game is going to be put on there as soon as all these wonderful game releases slow down a bit.
Although I'm not a fan of groping mechanics (done poorly), I look forward to seeing how this game does it differently.

Take care and may the odds be ever in your favor <3