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Good job! I had 3 problems, though. Theres a little bit of input lag, which makes jumping difficult. 

Also, I'd suggest getting rid of the rounded corners on the walls, or changing the way the player interacts with them. I got stuck several times, and the dash would unstick me occasionally, but not always. 

The last thing is that the wall grab just stopped working at some points, so you may want to look into that.

It's still beatable, though, and I'd love to see the difficulty ramp up even further in new levels.

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Hello mate,

Thank you for the comment, we are aware of these bugs.

The controller lag appears if you have too many screens turned on, just a double screen is enought.

We will try to correct all these problems if we find some time, but we are still students and we are going for a 6 month internship so it will be hard to keep working on this game.

However, we might consider improving and continue it this summer.

I'll keep you posted !

Loved your video by the way :)

Yeah, that makes sense. I have two recording softwares going at the same time, so I guess it was bound to happen. I'm following you on, so I should see any updates you post.