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Hi there,
Thank you very much for your comment and interest in Elypse!

This was a student demo, since then we've signed the game with publishers and are working on it full time. It has improved a lot ;)

You can follow development on twitter @Hot_Chili_Games
Wishlist it on Steam here

Sorry for the late reply, development is taking us a lot of time as you can imagine.

We hope you'll like the game when it releases :)

Thank you very much for this nice comment, a complete version of Elypse is actually under development. You can follow advances on twitter or instagram @hot_chili_games :)

Thank you very much for your comment! Don't hesitate to follow us on Twitter @Hot_Chili_Games if you want to follow Elypse's development!

Thank you so much, it really helps us!

Merci pour ton commentaire c'est très motivant pour continuer! :)

Nous sommes en train de réfléchir à trouver des moyens de se financer le jeu.

Nous tiendrons la communauté au courant dès qu'on aura un moyen de se financer au long terme. Malheureusement cela peut prendre plusieurs années.

Merci pour ton commentaire qui fait très plaisir! Nous faisons actuellement de notre mieux pour pouvoir poursuivre le projet au long terme et développer une version complète d'Elypse :)

Great game & funny versus keep up your good work! ;)

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Hello Maxime, merci beaucoup pour ce feedback qui fait chaud au cœur! Nous allons faire de notre possible pour poursuivre la création d'Elyspe après nos études et tiendrons bien sûr la communauté au courant via twitter (@ElypseG). Une nouvelle version plus complète sera d'ailleurs disponible courant décembre :)

Thank's for the feedback! We will post a new version in December :)

Thank you for you message! We are improving the game to release a better demo in december on Steam and, we hope you will like what's next ;)

Thank you very much for your feedback! We are working on a greater demo for a release on Steam and in december, we hope you will like what is to come ;)

You have to press E into the magnet to get into it. We are still polishing our keyboard controller. Try to play with your controller if you can, we will let you know when a better version is released :)

Thank you very much for your feedback! :D We will release a longer more polished demo on Steam and in december.

Well we are sorry you experimentend these issues, we are still polishing the mouse & keyboard controller. It will get better in future updates :)

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Hello! Thank you for your feedback we are working on a bigger Demo released on Steam and Itch on December :)

I'm sorry but we also are still students in their last year of study. We will create our company after finishing our studies. We hope you'll find the experience your searching for! :P

We are very happy you liked it. We are working on a greater demo for Steam & which will be available in december. Thank you for playing Elypse's first demo :)

Thank you very much, we are still working on improving the game for a bigger Demo destined to itch and steam. I hope you will like our next version of the game. Until then cheers and thanks you for the feedback! :)

Thank you for your feedback! Yes it was designed for a controller however we are still polishing keyboard controls. We will keep you posted for next updates :)

We are happy to tell you that you can now play using a QWERTY or AZERTY keyboard on Elypse 1.2 :)

If you feel so tell us abour your experience about the demo.

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Hello mate,

Thank you for the comment, we are aware of these bugs.

The controller lag appears if you have too many screens turned on, just a double screen is enought.

We will try to correct all these problems if we find some time, but we are still students and we are going for a 6 month internship so it will be hard to keep working on this game.

However, we might consider improving and continue it this summer.

I'll keep you posted !

Loved your video by the way :)

Great game guys ! :D

Thanks mate !

This project was for our studies actually so sadly we won't have any time to work on it for the next 6 months.

But hey who knows, maybe one day you will find more levels and mechanics !

Thank you Bimeau.