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Hello Kotik. You are my favorite subscriber :D The update will not be soon... I have some text. But the game will again be divided into 2 parts. I would not want to release one part, leaving the second completely empty. I can tell you inside. The game will have a casino and a minigame, based on the player's intelligence. I think it's pretty fun.

About donations. I can only say that I am a terrible and irresponsible manager. I don't know how to advertise and manage money. The person who helped me with the patreon, convinced me to create it and helped lead it, left me.


Oh, that's great to hear! :3 (Hehe, I'm favorite)   It's okay, I will wait until the end of times. Yeeeeah, my smart-ass dog finally will able to use his gigantic brain to his full potential with that Minigame

Ouch... Sad to hear that, but you can try on your own, it's can be a great experience for the future. If I remember correctly, it's not that hard, especially "boosty". I can ask my friends about it if you need. (And to be fair, I really don't go support for special content, it's great bonus and all, but main reason - helping out projects that I find interesting and promising)