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Wow, Thank you very much for all hard work! I'm so invested in this story, i just can't stop to praise it to my friends!

Small problem i have in this chapter... That space horror type of text issue

Отлично, всегда как праздник для меня каждое обновление

Спасибо за проделанную работу, вышло хорошо... .и как приятно выигрывать в покер

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That was awesome!

It was surprise to me how MASSIVE in word count the story feels, i really was looking for another less then an hour (mark) story, buuut nope. I just cannot finish it in one go, so much to think about and theorize in here. Basicly - WOW!

I really hope to see the rest of this promising project, good work.

Давай на русском хотя бы хе-хе.

Особенно мне, как ВИП персоне, за Патреон, который сдох к сожалению, сначала карты сдохли а потом и сам патреон...((

Слишком запутанная и загадочная история, очень интересно понять чем дело продолжиться 

Oh, that's great to hear! :3 (Hehe, I'm favorite)   It's okay, I will wait until the end of times. Yeeeeah, my smart-ass dog finally will able to use his gigantic brain to his full potential with that Minigame

Ouch... Sad to hear that, but you can try on your own, it's can be a great experience for the future. If I remember correctly, it's not that hard, especially "boosty". I can ask my friends about it if you need. (And to be fair, I really don't go support for special content, it's great bonus and all, but main reason - helping out projects that I find interesting and promising)

Waiting for the new update, i love the characters and concept... Well, i been here from the begining so this love carries on.

Nah, can you please make "Boosty" for me to donate? Since Patreon (for ReAsOnS) died and i wanna to continue support development of the game

Is it "The HeartBeat" sequel or something?

Then i can't wait until Eng version, but please translate everything this time, not like in The HeartBeat on steam.

I fell in love with game and the world around it, but when text goes from english to chinese for no reason... It's difficult to understand situation and decide what to do and what answer you wanna pick.

Good luck and keep up the good work! Love your games <3