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You may not have found all the clues.

Unfortunately, yes, there was no place for the cultists. But I have an idea for a Ron prequel. Perhaps in the future I will make a separate chapter on his journey.  There will be cultists and the return of the hare with his full story of why he has changed.

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I can give you a hint. For this, the relationship between you and Ron must be the same as between you and Gunn. And assistance to Massamun should be minimal

there is a passage option where Ron also will leave with you

I can say that the game has a secret ending when you can save all the main characters

Heh, which character are you referring to?

Thanks a lot!  

Yes, I just named the file incorrectly. Content updated

Я знаю. Мне лень фоны дорисовывать)
Примерно на 80 процентов готово, фоны нужно доделать и перевести на инглиш

The burn and fight situation, that's a really good note. I missed it, already fixed and will be in the next update. It's normal for Gunn to be more gentle, he's not a bad character, but he has trouble holding back his anger. This will show up later. Thanks for the feedback.

Hello Kotik. You are my favorite subscriber :D The update will not be soon... I have some text. But the game will again be divided into 2 parts. I would not want to release one part, leaving the second completely empty. I can tell you inside. The game will have a casino and a minigame, based on the player's intelligence. I think it's pretty fun.

About donations. I can only say that I am a terrible and irresponsible manager. I don't know how to advertise and manage money. The person who helped me with the patreon, convinced me to create it and helped lead it, left me.

Hello. Try opening the hidden menu. This is an arrow. To the left of the portrait and to the right of the text. For some reason I can't attach a picture.

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This is a good question, I want to change the gameplay of this mini-game for Android for a long time. I'll try to fix it.

Спасибо. Радует твой отзыв)

Thanks a lot! I am very happy to read this.

I agree with you. Now we have changed the author of the text. It won't happen again. The text in the car is already shortened.

Completed two new days of story update, and small fixes of the old text, added sfx sounds and small fixes. Now the update is in the translation stage. The update will be this month. It will be very interesting.

Thank you very much! Gunn is also my favorite character :))

Thanks for the feedback, it's very nice :)

The new version has been uploaded. Please let me know if the problem is solved.

Thanks everyone for the feedback. I found this issue. This is a problem for the tablet version. I'll try to fix it as soon as possible.

Thank you very much. I am very pleased that someone likes my work. This motivates to keep going!

If mini-games cause you difficulty, then you can turn it off with a tick when creating a character. You can also pump Agility and Strength, this will facilitate the passage of mini-games by adding extra time to them or reducing the number of hits required. Hope this helps you. Good luck.

Do you have screenshots to understand what the problem is?

Hmmm... Just downloaded and tested. I don't have errors. We can ask other players if they have experienced this.

It's bound to happen

if you play on android, then just click a second time on the window with the name

Thank you very much for your kind feedback! But I still don’t understand what’s not working? :) Do you want the mode to be changed during the game? I don’t think we should do that. This is not a cheat mode that can be activated at any time. This is a tool to complete the game without being distracted from the RPG system, because not everyone wants to play RPGs and overcome difficulties

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To get Gunn's line, you need to have more points with him after the fire than with Ron. The most effective way is to go and defeat him in the arena, you can also get points if you cooperate and go look for a mechanic with him.
Also, to get a completely nude scene with him. You need to score maximum points with him. Choose shortway, in the moment by car, but this may not please the crocodile, because he is afraid of trouble.

This bug has been fixed, and a fixed version will be released this weekend. Thank you for message.

The bug has been fixed, I also increased the arrows for selecting characteristics, now they are easier to hit.

This system works correctly.

Could you tell me what version of android you have. I checked, everything plays smoothly for me (android 11), the sight does not go to the side if you remove your finger from the screen (later I will post the video and Development log with the update to the android). There is a problem with small targets, I will try to add zoom. Also, I have already added extra time to complete this game.

yes, I have already received feedback on this bug, thank you very much, in the next update we will fix it

yes, updated 2 days ago

I don't know how, but everything worked out, the android version was added too

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Yes, unfortunately, with the android version, there are still problems, I do not know what the problem is, it just gives a compilation error, I will try to solve it as quickly as possible

Thank you very much, and I wish you a happy birthday! :3