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if you play on android, then just click a second time on the window with the name

Thank you very much for your kind feedback! But I still don’t understand what’s not working? :) Do you want the mode to be changed during the game? I don’t think we should do that. This is not a cheat mode that can be activated at any time. This is a tool to complete the game without being distracted from the RPG system, because not everyone wants to play RPGs and overcome difficulties

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To get Gunn's line, you need to have more points with him after the fire than with Ron. The most effective way is to go and defeat him in the arena, you can also get points if you cooperate and go look for a mechanic with him.
Also, to get a completely nude scene with him. You need to score maximum points with him. Choose shortway, in the moment by car, but this may not please the crocodile, because he is afraid of trouble.

This bug has been fixed, and a fixed version will be released this weekend. Thank you for message.

The bug has been fixed, I also increased the arrows for selecting characteristics, now they are easier to hit.

This system works correctly.

Could you tell me what version of android you have. I checked, everything plays smoothly for me (android 11), the sight does not go to the side if you remove your finger from the screen (later I will post the video and Development log with the update to the android). There is a problem with small targets, I will try to add zoom. Also, I have already added extra time to complete this game.

yes, I have already received feedback on this bug, thank you very much, in the next update we will fix it

yes, updated 2 days ago

I don't know how, but everything worked out, the android version was added too

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Yes, unfortunately, with the android version, there are still problems, I do not know what the problem is, it just gives a compilation error, I will try to solve it as quickly as possible

Thank you very much, and I wish you a happy birthday! :3


I spent a lot of time animation the game characters, but trying to implement them into the game was not successful. Perhaps it will work out in the future.

I think not very soon. I think one of these days I will post a topic with progress. But in short, the fourth game day has already been written in half (since the division will be into 2 completely different days, depending on the choice of the companion). Made 2 new characters (but without emotions), another one is required. Made a new background and new music. But one more background is required. And there will also be a delay due to the translation of the text, but after writing the second half to the end)

This is because i worked on the design b101 :) But the director and creator of the project is gone, I created my own.

Most likely, you have not assigned talents. Therefore, the start button is blocked.

This is not possible, the error must be fixed. Just click on the window with the name and it will disappear, then click start.

I ran the tests without investing points in strength or agility, it really is almost impenetrable (I score 20...21 out of 24). It may be worth fixing, but it will be +1 second, no more.

25 is impossible, you cannot have negative agility. But this game is one of the hardest. Try to pump talents into combat.

Unfortunately, the update will be postponed for some time. The text is finished. But I do not expect that the translation will take some time.

The update will be in a week, or monday, but there isn't much new text. About 12 pages

Not really... the writers are different. But I hope that it will turn out no worse and the case will be brought to an end  ^_^

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No, new characters are not planned. Clothes and jewelry are possible. But for each new character, the work increases significantly. I have to draw a lot of heads with emotions (about 8) and three types of body for the head.

An unexplained bug appeared with a long dialog box. problem solved. The version has been updated.

Everything has already been done, presumably on Sunday everything will be in the public domain.

This is possible if there is a translator

Yes, the original language is Russian, the language in the game is switched

I will try to do it in the next month, there is an opportunity, tests are needed.

I'm too antisocial, I'm afraid that I'll just read and be silent :)

no, haven't heard

Thank you so much ;)

Thank you very much for your feedback. I will fix it in the next update.

Yes, I'm a drawing artist at b101