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SPOILER ALERT!!! oh gosh im replying so late so no clue if you've found it or not but getting the other ending is basically just not talking to stoker at the end but going back inside the mansion, i mostly planned having a single ending but then the second one kinda snuck up on me and i had to add it

ooh nice! sounds interesting :3c


Ahhh, thank you so much for telling me!!! I literally thought that there’s only one ending qwq 

i did mention it somewhere in that pile of text with the game but its easy to miss! plus not everyone reads descriptions (i kno i dont always >.<;;)

I guess it must’ve slipped my mind right after I started playing because I always read the description >x>;


i mean it happens ^x^;; ha ha

I like how long our comment thread goes. It's like an actual conversation in dms XD
Please tell/dm me (@ Twitter, @/omokunno) if you decided to make a sequel to this~! I'll start on the fanart right after the weekends start again. It's a Tuesday today for me TAT

yeah its been pretty fun just going back and forth heh :3 you can totally talk to me on twitter!! (i went to follow you on twitter and noticed your already following me >x<;; woops i missed that completely! i've been... tidying in a haze)

oh my you must be a lot of hours ahead of my timezone!! im in canada :0

Ikr??? And it’s alright. I understand how difficult it is to keep track of things when you have to sort things and tidy them. Especially books.

And actually, I am. I’m living in an Asian country XD


it feels so good tho! i’m getting rid of so much stuff its amazing, my room feels so organized now x’D i’ve spend so many hours each day going thru all the different rhings i own >x<;;

oh damn out of all the timezones i’ve slowly learned, i only kno the europian ones and australia! australia is 15 hours ahead of me and that still blowns my mind >o<