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Ikr??? And it’s alright. I understand how difficult it is to keep track of things when you have to sort things and tidy them. Especially books.

And actually, I am. I’m living in an Asian country XD

I like how long our comment thread goes. It's like an actual conversation in dms XD
Please tell/dm me (@ Twitter, @/omokunno) if you decided to make a sequel to this~! I'll start on the fanart right after the weekends start again. It's a Tuesday today for me TAT

I guess it must’ve slipped my mind right after I started playing because I always read the description >x>;

Ahhh, thank you so much for telling me!!! I literally thought that there’s only one ending qwq 

Really??? Wow,  I didn't know that! I kinda got the bad ending since I don't really know how to get the good ending??? qAq

And yeah, the characters are from a bl manga that I'm currently working on uwu

I'm glad to hear that my comment made you happy qwq 

I'm proud to say that I literally played (almost) all of your games because of the unique avatar designs and the interesting stories~! My other favorite games of yours is "h e l l"~! My favorite part is when one of the sinner of lust said, "I used to write a lot of kinky slash fanfics.." XD 

Oh yeah, about Jeff's fringe, it kinda remind me of those lines that appears whenever an anime character is creeped out so I'm not really sure if those are fringe or not TT

I ship Neo and Krys together lmao. They remind me of my own characters. One is the leader of a yakuza group, the other is part of the police force.

I've never felt attached to any bitsy game characters until I played this??? Like,  I'd draw a fanart of this if I get a clear picture of the characters??? It'd be nice if this was series. I'd literally continue playing it til the day you end the series :")