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Thanks for the feedback, Konoi, and I'm glad to hear you're enjoying things so far.

Yes, with an increased budget some of it went on backgrounds (in fact the background budget is doubled from last time) so I am glad you like the look of them.

Oh, and I'll just mention this here - you may already know , but just in case it isn't clear - for the single route you only start the game as single. You can continue single, of course, but in the full game there are two romance options available on the single route, Sir Mathys and Ambassador Vesela. Just in case the name of it is confusing for some  ^_^

To answer your questions, yes, the questions about the children will have an influence later on, each route does have more than one ending - I'm aiming for about 3-4 at the moment - and the secret romance is... actually I think I'll keep that under wraps a bit longer, but they're male and you get the option to pursue them in one specific route (but not the single one). 

Thanks for playing 


Ooh, I see, I see! Yeah, definitely needed the clarification about the single route romances and the secret romance haha! I guess I'll see if I like the characters I meet, and if I like someone a lot and they're one of the romance'able characters, or one I think may be, I'll redo an adequate playthrough of Rose of Segunda, so I won't have continuity errors.

Thank you for your answers!