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Hi tekkonkinkreet, thanks for asking! The retail price will be $15, but we still have Early Bird package if you click the paypal button, which is $10.

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The walkthrough will be given to those who pledge/buy $45 perk! More info here:

I don't plan to release any walkthrough for this one since it would be a lot more fun for you to figure out the mystery and plot that way ><

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No worries! The campaign on indiegogo is already over, but the paypal will still be active~
Whoa, I hope you have fun with your new guitar!

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Lol it's okat, throw me questions anytime you like x'D

If you click the paypal button, there a new page from wixsite should pop up. Pick Early Bird $10 from the dropdown menu and click Buy Now. It will send the money to my paypal and I will archive it.

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um, okay so I assume you don't have a paypal account and that's why you're confused? ><

If you have a paypal account, you only need to login and then the $10 will be paid from your paypal account/credit card, which you connect to paypal.

I'm not sure what you're trying to do though. The paypal button is not the Download Now button. I'm talking about the big 'Pledge with Paypal' button right above it, in the game description (yes, the big yellow rectangle with paypal logo) ><; I hope this clears the misunderstanding?

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