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So I have to start out by saying that the game has been updated since my recording and that this is really amazing despite my criticisms. I'm in love with the movement and speed of the game, but there's a lot the game does not communicate well. First was the tutorial. I think I had the most deaths in there than any other room. Considering how many things go into the movement in this, allowing the player to come to terms with the systems in an area without the risk of death would be a huge help in starting out. Second is heath, the danger indicator is nice, but I don't know if that means I have 1 or 10 hits left, and it's damn hard to tell if I've even taken damage until that warning shows up. In a game about split second decision making, knowing how much I can risk is an important bit of info that's missing. Next is the enemy introductions. While the game is fin in the sense that the standard enemy type is something you'll come to know very quickly, it took me several deaths to figure out that turrets were even present. Like I said earlier, this is the foundation to an amazing shooter, but it's missing a lot of communication and conveyance that would make it a far less jarring experience. Looking forward to seeing this farther down the line!

The 117 version now has a tutorial to explain the health indicator in your hud. Like you said, the communication is lacking so far, and it really is a problem that I'm trying to fix. The health indicator was already there but its not a very obvious one, Im thinking of changing it.

Your video does seem to show another issue with graphics, the textures dont seem to be loading properly. Gonna have to check that too.

Thanks for the feedback.


You've got a damn fine proof of concept here, keep up the great work and best of luck to you!