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Gave it the ol' college try but long jumps apparently are not my forte. 

The previous commenter said something about not being able to jump while sliding, gonna check that out, so far from everyone that played that never happened. Are you able to do that?

Also, you can double jump. Im gonna change the map so that the player learns about that instead of guessing that the game has it. 

If its none of that then I dont know, I may add a platform that gets turned on at the second failed jump so that the player doesnt need to do it there. Its not a necessary mechanic throughout the game, its just something that is good for the player to know he can do it (it does come in handy from time to time but its not mandatory like it is now in the first level).

Either way, thanks, I'll tweak it.

Wait, double jump? Well... heck.. that would have made things easier. :| 

Welp, its already being taken care off, now you go through a part of the map first so that you learn about it.

Game slightly improved by your feedback, thanks.