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I didn't play all levels ATM but here's what I have to say about the game. Sorry in advance if I make a suggestion about things that are in the part I didn't play :-) But first, nice addictive gameplay! Reminds me about Pipe Dream and Sokoban!

There could some block rotating device in harder levels.

I had some issue for pushing blocks beside each other. If we are supposed to be able to do so, maybe considering activating the push from a little further away from the blocks.

I think the player could jump the height of 1 cube. Like that, you could remove most of the stairs in the game field :-)

Maybe the ball gathering lights could be more visible. Like a screen beside the exit door, or even directly on it.

Yeah you are right, the basic mechanisms comes form Sokoban and the pipe games. I dont know why I skipped them as refference from the game description. Now I fixed it :)

The block rotating device is a good idea, I'll figure out something today. 

For pushing block besied each other, I made a reset mechanism for all puzzles. But also want to make an Undo Last step feature, but that have some problematic technical part, what I have to figure out before implementing. :)

And thank you for the comments Blitz! As soon the game have rotating platform, I'll inform you :D