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I get traceback call errors whenever i try to create any brushes or anything. Please ask for more information if needed, cause this looks like something i'd love to try.

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So do I, another Blender plugin that does not work :(


It was my fault for trying to add new selectors or brushes in 'edit' mode. changing back to 'object' mode works perfectly.


what are the errors you are getting? what version of blender are you using?

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Hello Blender 2.79b 32bit

It was me not using it correctly, I tried adding new 2D or 3D selector or new brush when in edit mode, changing back to object mode gave no errors so it does work. Sorry, thanks for the plugin and also for taking the time to reply.


Awesome! Really glad that you were able to get around that and thanks for the feedback.  I'll have to put in an edit mode check to catch that, super helpful to get user feedback like that so I can smooth out the very rough edges.  Thanks again!

what version of blender are using? and what are the traceback call errors you are getting?