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Fixed it, works 100% after installing pyyaml.

I gets the following error (python 3.8.3)

File "", line 19, in <module> from yaml import CLoader as Loader, CDumper as Dumper, load, dump ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'yaml'

I needed to install pyyaml too.

Excellent. Well done sir.

I'll use gdevelop then

Can you provide a 32 bit windows version, my desktop works 100% so no need to consign it to landfill just yet.

32 bit version for windows. No need to consign my 100% working desktop to landfill when software can be made in 32 bits. Thanks

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Hello Blender 2.79b 32bit

It was me not using it correctly, I tried adding new 2D or 3D selector or new brush when in edit mode, changing back to object mode gave no errors so it does work. Sorry, thanks for the plugin and also for taking the time to reply.

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So do I, another Blender plugin that does not work :(


It was my fault for trying to add new selectors or brushes in 'edit' mode. changing back to 'object' mode works perfectly.

This is soooooooooooooooooo amazing, well done sir!

No problem, maybe mention that in the post


Why no 32Bit version?