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Amethyst Heart and Colony Ship Coral Stars are my favorites, I think you know that already.❤️

Hunt3r is a great one though, might be because despite their huge differences they still love each other and players like to see an unexpected love? I am not sure?

They are the two side of a coin, different but together no matter what?❤️

There is also a part of randomness for a game to be seen too I guess, but not sure how much percent of the views/downloads that would make?

There might be other reasons that I did not think of too.

By the way, I do not see anymore that Mermaid game?


The mermaid game is cancelled for now, I need to focus on getting Clash on Steam and on my new job thats starting soon.  When things settle down, I'm going to completely rehaul it so that its no longer a romance game.  Its just going to be about Baiji and Brielle going on adventures.

And I like your insights, thank you for your theories.  ^^


I understand you have a lot on your plate already with Clash and working sure takes time too on the everyday life.  Baiji and Brielle on a adventure sounds nice too.