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Hi :)

Beautiful visual novel about passion and love :)

and of course beautiful music too :)

That fit well for a funny event or such :)

Glad to help :)

Hi Roland :)

Take your time , do not stress yourself out more than you are already :)

well it is just Kyle is not  on the map we cannot go further

Hi Dan :)

Great demo or your game, I am interested in the story :)

your music tracks are beautiful :)

looking forward to see what comes after entering the mines :)

Hi again , the guardian is not where he is supposed to be so we cannot proceed forward.

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Maybe they do not have ways to pay 🤔

Hi Roland :) take your time for school and game making :)

Hi Rachel :)

I understand all of that takes time, no worry :)

I am happy with your backgrounds :)

Maybe later with time, I might want more of your backgrounds to make some change, but all is fine for now :)

Thank you so very much :)

Hi Alyssa :)

It is easy to put pressure on ourselves, take the time :)

The forest looks fine to me :)

Hi Rachel :)

 thank you for adding night version :)

That is alright :) small mistakes happens :)

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Hi GoodTriangle :)

I am following lot of people so I see all genre of games people add to their collections or rate, The art style interested me so I checked your game page, I happen to play games with sexual content but not  often.

I love the art style it is really great :)

The story is very well made, putting together time travel, detective and more genre ,you did great. I feel sorry for Nathan and hope all ends well in the end for him and for Sarah too, she is such a good girl.

I am very curious about the story further.

I found hilarious when Nathan say he knows probably what will happen when he opens a door 😂

Hopefully that will be the case but if it is not that is alright, I understand :) thank you :)

Hi :)

A beautiful duck eating sushi happily :)

Hi BKtdm

I ran into this little problem when i wanted to try out your game 

You can choose the way you want to do it :) if you feel better by release more after than all in one, I understand the feeling 💪

Pretty busts :) nice job :)

I hope to see it on itchio too,  using steam is a pain for my computer


Hi Lazytiger :)

That was fun to play :)

I did not think to see a Stevens for friday 13 ahah, neither that  mask for Alina, well done :)

She is so cute :)

Cute sideview battler :)

Looking forward to play the demo :) great job :)

Thank you Alexanda :)

Thank you so much 🥰🥰

I guess blur a bit cannot be avoided if zooming in?

It is still ok though.

Hi npckc

The world would be surely a better place to live if people were as accepting as you show in your games.

Whether it is about gender, sexual orientation , "races", religions or any kind of differences from the "normal" person in the herd of human society, the person is looked at like some kind of unwanted thing.

Maybe someday the "normal" will disappear and people will be accepting of all the small differences between humans ( and accepting animals as living being along, not just a "thing" to be only used)

I have played the trilogy in the separate games but maybe I will try out this newer version soon.

I love this trilogy.

Hehe 😄😄

Hi Poltergasm :)

Cute sleeping music 🥰🥰

I will use it in my visual novel that I will soon publish, I hope that is alright for you. 😊

I wanted to support but I cannot use paypal , I am sorry 😕

Hi Ninja :)

They are beautifully made :)

Beautiful music :)

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Amazing pack of music :) 

The Protagonist, Empty Streets, The Nightclub are my favorites :)


Beautiful 🥰 I love music in music box 🥰

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Hi :)

Pretty good demo of your game 🥰

Beautiful art, must have taken a while to do all of that.

I feel sad for Clementine, hopefully she will find out her murderer.

looking forward to more of the story 🥰

Cute slimes :)

Moving from VXAce to MV is sure different but at the same time many things are similar, you will get used to it probably :) a huge forest sound a great idea :)

Variety of monsters is good too :)

Take your time :)