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When I opened your game in RPG Maker I noticed that there is event that prevents Treat from leaving without talking to Mochi first. Out of curiosity I deleted this event, thus allowing Treat to continue game without greeting Mochi. After this point the game looked like Treat is walking alone and has Mochi as her imaginary friend whom she created because she was feeling lonely in environment of hostile bunnies. It looked like Treat was indeed dreaming, dreaming about not being alone. It was sad.


Wow ,really sounds depressing when you think about it. Imagine all the events from the 1st to the 5th game were just her trying to deal with social anxiety and loneliness by projecting imaginary friends (Mochi, Moxie), just to fell like she is accepted by someone and to deal with her being discriminated. Damn now I feel sad.

By the way, if you like idea about a lonely person who makes up imaginary friends, then consider playing game "Imaginary friends",

Looks nice but I rather not, at the end I will feel depressed.