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Didn't thought anyone would answer that 184 days later :D

Really cute :) seeing so many people falling in love with these games 

Ah alright, Thank youuuuuu

One question tho, wasn't there a DEV Blog you could look in ? Or was it erased ?

I know exactly what you mean but relax grab a soda have passion and wait it out. I know its hard but trust me its worth it :P.

Guess Trick won't visit again :P

Well guess I got TRICKED again ! (sorry for bad pun :D) but seriously is the True Ending really the True Ending ?

hmm ok understandable

Why not now (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)

Well I am 16 years old and I wish I could buy it because I am really curious what is happening in Delicacy .

Hmm damnit I am 16 and live in germany and I would love to pay those 32$ on patreon for the test build, I love your work please keep the good work rollin :P if I had to draw the definition of cuteness I would choose one of the characters (SO adorable) hope I can help next year, stay healthy and safe <3

the fuck ? Alrighty then 

I really have to say even if its not the longest story (at the moment) its the cutest story I have ever played. You NAILED the art style its so cuuuuute x3I really looking forward to play the rest of the games you made. Love it keep the work up, you are really doing a good Job man and I hope you know how many appreciate you're work. (Sorry for typos I am from germany :P)