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GODDAMMIT NAMi, how do you manage to make these cute VNs ?

Its like the best ?! I first thought the game would be about Pastille but when I saw Periwinkle I was like:"Ooh that could be interesting". 2 hours later and I think this is a masterpiece of yours and damn some of these aspects of the story hit home hard. Thanks for blessing us with this VN, like always love your artstyle, has the right amount of cute and details which make the characters unique, adorable and ahh they are just too good. I thought about writing it in the discord but I think its better to write it here. (Honestly to shy to write you).

This story made me feel a lot of things actually, laughed many times and felt like a young teenager reading these, almost made me feel a bit stupid by how much I was in it. it felt really sweet reading through it and in the last pannels it felt ...different, its hard to describe but its like beeing happy by what you see in the story but then reflect it back to your own life  and feel a bit frustrated maybe? But thats probably just me.

Again thank you for this really sweet VN 

Keep up the good work and wish you well.

Damn, I don't know what to say you really nailed it and almost made me tear up a bit. It's an emotional rollercoaster (well for me anyways) and I really can't wait to see how it will all conclude. Thanks Nami for giving us this Yuri gift and for all games you ever made you really know how to play with the hearts of your audience :D hehe


Looks nice but I rather not, at the end I will feel depressed.

Wow ,really sounds depressing when you think about it. Imagine all the events from the 1st to the 5th game were just her trying to deal with social anxiety and loneliness by projecting imaginary friends (Mochi, Moxie), just to fell like she is accepted by someone and to deal with her being discriminated. Damn now I feel sad.


Ah Perfect nice to hear :)

just a question and I really hate to ask because I know you are busy (And dealing with ants :P) but are you still working on the mochi VN? I looked around the old Dev blog and totally forgot that you were working sometimes on it. And thank you for these cute games I really adore them...A LOT. 

Ohhhh, alright now I get it

Question comes a bit late but they refer to Trick as "they" does that mean the "Traveler Ending" in date Trick is cannon ? 

Ah ok thanks for the quick answer, wish you the best of luck for you and your girlfriend in the the new apartment :)

Just a question, will you make the games again in the same order ? (By that I mean first a game from Treats perspective then again Mochi, Moxie, Trick ) or are random things planned ? (like for example Lazy fox Salt). Love the games but I can understand if you don't have a plan yet considering that you are moving from one apartment to the other and you need time to breathe, so I apologize for asking.

Well, there isn't one but if you want you can translate it, just ask nami about it.

What do you mean ? Translation ?

Why is there a speedrun for Dreaming Treat ? :D  

I am confused xD, but it was the cutest game I've ever played, thanks Nami now I can't live without this cute overload :)

Didn't thought anyone would answer that 184 days later :D

Really cute :) seeing so many people falling in love with these games 

Ah alright, Thank youuuuuu

One question tho, wasn't there a DEV Blog you could look in ? Or was it erased ?

I know exactly what you mean but relax grab a soda have passion and wait it out. I know its hard but trust me its worth it :P.

Guess Trick won't visit again :P

Well guess I got TRICKED again ! (sorry for bad pun :D) but seriously is the True Ending really the True Ending ?

hmm ok understandable

Why not now (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)

Well I am 16 years old and I wish I could buy it because I am really curious what is happening in Delicacy .

Hmm damnit I am 16 and live in germany and I would love to pay those 32$ on patreon for the test build, I love your work please keep the good work rollin :P if I had to draw the definition of cuteness I would choose one of the characters (SO adorable) hope I can help next year, stay healthy and safe <3

the fuck ? Alrighty then 

I really have to say even if its not the longest story (at the moment) its the cutest story I have ever played. You NAILED the art style its so cuuuuute x3I really looking forward to play the rest of the games you made. Love it keep the work up, you are really doing a good Job man and I hope you know how many appreciate you're work. (Sorry for typos I am from germany :P)