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"as an excuse to try to make a game with rpgmaker 2003" Just curious, why did you want to use older version of RpgMaker? 

Hello Nami, how can I help to translate your game in Russian?

If you set aside aesthetics (which is cute) and plot of the game (which is sentimental nonsense, at the least I was unable to interpret it in such way that it would make sense), leaving only its mechanics, almost the whole game is one long series of barters (i.e. exchange A for B, then exchange B for C, and so on). I said almost because at the end there is a puzzle.

Please make Windows/Linux version!

Nami, did you give your characters here pointy elf-style ears to subtly emphasize their non-human nature?

I stuck at bandit cave stage. I get loot, but when I use machine to craft things I just got scarp

Were you inspired by alchemy from anime "Fullmetal Alchemist"?

Can you explain the motivation of the antagonist?

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"Action" because it relays on testing player's reflexes rather than on thinking skills or creativity. If the game was much slower it would be trivial to sustain the monster tree indefinitely, so it doesn't require much thinking or insight.

The category is wrong, it's not a puzzle

How to unlock Extra?

Note to myself: paused exploring new things on this update

Note to myself: paused exploring new things on this update

Why do you use word "witch" to refer to a male wizard? As far as I know, "witch" isn't a unisex word.

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You have an interesting battle system. Such shame that the game is so short.

Anyway, it means that Selena is gay (or bisexual), so you probably can add the LGBT tag.

To be honest, description is misleading. Description mentions culture, but talks exclusively about language.

Wow, fantasy mediavel world with same-sex marriages! =)

I don't know if you will count it as a bug, but it's what I get when I disarm Rafa and make him fight with bare hands.

Thank you for your hard work, but when will you add war? I want to beat shit out of other countries.

Then I guess your parents won't be happy if you will play this game about lesbian love story.

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I just noticed this funny thing in the skill tree

All tabs, except one ("General"), talk about skills of units. But "General" also sounds like a name of a unit, namely it looks like there are generals in the game, who have such and such skills. It's just a nitpick, but I would recommend you to rename "General" to "Common skills".

What is the problem? Do you know how to launch it? Do you have problems with interface?

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Check out this walkthrough

Nami, I don't understand two things ...

1.What was Treat eating for her first 2 months in the abandoned house?

2.If house is abandoned then why is fridge working? The owner needs to pay bills for electricity. Unless we assume that Treat has skills to steal electricity ...

Publish your save file

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Firstly, your online game doesn't work.

Secondly, come on man, is it that difficult? You just need some additional files for Linux version. Even I was able to create Linux version of your game by just coping some files from Linux version of another MV game.

P.S. There is link for universal version of your game, that can run under Windows AND under Linux

Can you please make cheat mode for people who hate grinding, like me? I like story, music, desing of character and atmosphere in general, but I hate battles.

Linux version, please

As far as I remember, you need to visit Ironholm prison and pay money for her release.

To fans: If you want more of Moxie, you can play fanmade prequel

By the way, if you like idea about a lonely person who makes up imaginary friends, then consider playing game "Imaginary friends",

Have you tried to use Silence spell on the demoness? Ryen can learn the spell if you build the lab and research Silence spell.

You can use Wine in order to run Windows games on Mac

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"i guess when a girl says "i love her" everyone assumes it's friendship." (FACEPALM) Oh, stupid me. It was long time ago when I played KAIMA, so probably I missed this part. =)

"ezel devoured a bunch of demons who were in love" Wait, I thought she ate her loyal followers, basically cultists (I mean there was personality cult of her. Although you could argue that they loved her, although it would be non-romantic love).

Wow, really? I thought that Ezel was a dear and very close friend for Illi, but not a love interest.

Why does this game have LGBT tag? I don't remember this game to have any LGBT elements. Is this subtle way to imply that there will be romance between Searina and Illi?

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Actually quite sweet story (with some horror element), but its name sounds so sadistic xD

Like Time and Space are a BDSM couple and Time is a dom xD

When I opened your game in RPG Maker I noticed that there is event that prevents Treat from leaving without talking to Mochi first. Out of curiosity I deleted this event, thus allowing Treat to continue game without greeting Mochi. After this point the game looked like Treat is walking alone and has Mochi as her imaginary friend whom she created because she was feeling lonely in environment of hostile bunnies. It looked like Treat was indeed dreaming, dreaming about not being alone. It was sad.

Okay, sorry for bothering you =(