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Hey thanks for the feedback! 

You can pause the game by pressing the ESC key. 

About dragging, we noticed it is not working as intended on the WebGL build, we're looking into it. For now you can drag with the Right Mouse Button which works fine or download the standalone version available for Windows and MacOS.

We're aware of the size issues and looking on how to make it look better :)

Thanks again, we're hoping to make an update as soon as possible.

Have a good day!

unfortunately I pressed Esc then I wasn't able to get out of the pause menu U_U (still in the WebGL build)

I'm gonna try downloading it now, thanks for the reply!


We've updated the WebGl and fixed some issues, it should be fine now!

It is indeed fine now! After re-playing, here are my thoughts: it would be great if there was a longer warning before customers leave, and also the dragging space is quite wide, which makes trying to go fast a bit awkward even though my mouse is at the highest speed setting. Otherwise, great game, lots of issues fixed, and the game progression has really improved!