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I keep getting "TypeError, Cannot read property 'name' of null" everytime I try to load my save data? I stopped playing right after the chapter where protag kept looking through Dimitri's photo album. I've tried switching to different versions and reinstalling through itch's app but it won't let me play anymore :(

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Bad news first; your save file got corrupted and it's wiped, hence why it cannot be loaded. I'm really sorry. I'm working on a back-up save data for your save files, so that this won't happen anymore.

Did you crash during your last save? That's the only thing people have had in common; their PC/game crashed at some point.

If you join the Discord I may be able to assist you further, I'd like to get your save file.

Ah I see :( It hasn't crashed anytime before while saving up til now, unless I closed it while it was saving (which is very unlikely). I'll check out the Discord to see if anything might be able to be done though!