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One interesting suggestion of mine, it's been quite a while since I've commented on this really cool game too btw, but here's one good suggestion. Since the game already has a very good blood splatter effect and what-not, you think that the kills could have some physics behind them too? That would beautiful, I'm not saying that the kills now are bad, or unintriguing, but it would be pretty cool to see something like this. Huge props on your game man, lovin' it a lot. PS: Some more weapons would be cool too, like a nodachi, and a naginata, you probably wouldn't add these considering that this is mainly focused on katana blade duels, would be pretty cool tho.

Hey dude, thanks for commenting. It has been a while since my last update because I got busy with school again but I do plan on continuing soon. 

By physics, are you referring to things like ragdoll effects? I'm always interested in giving the game more impact so you can be sure I'll be tweaking the kills over time. I've been thinking about adding new weapons or fighting styles since the beginning but it would be a huge undertaking so for now it will likely remain as just katanas. I do like the idea of different fighting styles (I particularly like the idea of a drunken-boxing style of swordplay) but keeping everything balanced would be my number 1 priority.

Anyway, thanks for sticking around. I really appreciate it.

Sorry for the late-ass reply, and no problem man, I always love sticking around with these sorts of games, and yes, I do mean ragdoll effects. And honestly not a surprise or problem that you'll just stick with the katanas, no problamo. New fighting styles sounds hella dope though, love the ideas of your own man, looking forward to other things you'll be adding too.