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Oof, that was-- Ohh that hurt. Just seeing how Renalda and Dahlia were talking about their life, what would have happened if none of the bad things ever happened, seeing how they were literally on the same wavelength about the fantasy future they wanted to have-- I feel so awful for them, especially how Renalda felt at the end where it seemed like she regretted ever killing Dahlia, wanting her back. I'm so curious about what happened to Renalda and Dahlia's past, I know the basic points from their conversation but not the entire whole picture with Dahlia's side of the story. But I do hope that Renalda will find peace somewhere, great visual novel, I was heartbroken at the end reading Renalda's pleading.

Thank you! There is definitely a bit more to the two's past than whats talked about in the VN. 

On a lighter note, I do believe Renalda does find peace after the ending of this story, even if it isn't the peace she originally.