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Man, everything looks so good with the screenshots you shared! It's amazing you were able to juggle college with developing the visual novel and I adore how you kept up with the painterly style that gives a soft feeling.

Looking forward to what's happening next (I should probably check you out on tumblr lmao) and I wish you luck and wellness for college!

That was quite the emotional ride, I really love how the music amplified the homesick and nostalgic feeling. During my first year and first few months in college I also felt homesick (mostly because of stress and adjusting to the new environment) but I eventually adjusted well enough and have been doing good. However, I understand the feelings Sonne goes through quite well.

I also like how choatic everything is in the train room, it feels like Sonne wanted to surround himself with memorabilia of his life just to ground him because I feel like no matter how old or used to the travel you are, you can still get homesick and disoriented especially when you miss home.

I love reading through the conversation and learning tidbits of Sonne's travels, but I also love how his family was always the forethought of his mind when he talks because even if he talks about work, you can see the fondness he has for his husband and son. It really put a smile on my face.

Oh this was both sad and curious! I feel bad for Madison especially with spymapthing to the feeling of being there for someone, but the care not being reciprocated at all. It's more like Madison was clinging to Ezekiel for any bit of the normalcy she had with her friends back when they were kids but now it's nothing but a faded memory and a lot of bad blood is happening.

I was really curious about what exactly is happening and I think you did a great job in portraying such painful emotions with the jam limitations!

Though I'm not sure if it was a problem with the web version but I couldn't hear any music coming out from the VN, but aside from that lovely work done here~!

For real! It was so endearing hearing the lil meow and the tinkle of a bell mixed in. It was so cutee!

That was such a cute visual novel! I didn't know who the character was so I looked it up and was curious about the game itself (reminds me about Al Haitham from Genshin Impact), but I love the art! I also love the overall theme and vibe of the visual novel because of how easy and engaging the conversation was.

It really felt relaxing and soothing, I love picking out choices to answer back Ain and I was so curious about the overall plot of Elsword. Though I have to say, my favorite ending is Ending #1, I love the MC's reactions and how Ain was so endeared by MC.

Oh my god that was so cute and healing! The art here is absolutely adorable and I love how it turned out, I also love the Forest Spirit's design, it is not just charming and cute, but mystical and amazing, I also love with each season we pick, the "hair" of the Forest Spirit reflects that season as well which is very neat looking. I love each sound the Forest Spirit makes, it's so soothing to my heart.

I love how the forest changed with each season. It's not a complete drastic change that breaks the rules of O2A2 but the color combinations you used was lovely and quite relaxing seeing through. Amazing job here~!

Neat concept, I like how with the Overlord's name we instantly have a feel of the world the characters are in, especially with how MC was punished (from what we've gathered in the routes) and that Lumen himself is quite interesting. I wonder what sort of bond will be formed between the two of them at the ending where we decide to free him.

Oh that's so curious and interesting, I like how mystical everything is with the story and the characters. Good luck with your passion project, I have to say the prologue itself is very catching!

The run I went for I was really surprised at how understanding and compassionate the entity is, especially with their questions they even apologized for being insensitive when they tested MC's conviction. I honestly like this unique sort of character, the story is intriguing and feels very complete despite the short time. Good job with this!

You've made such a lovely cast of friends, I love reading through it and I'm glad you were able to convey the fun and playful interactions between them~

I'll be honest, at first I was annoyed at the maid for spending the money. But then with all the back and forth talk I noticed that while the maid spent the money irresponsibly, she was able to make contact with the owner and assist her master. 

Though her approach was pretty much head turning and suspicious, I'm surprised everything worked out well lmao.

I'll have to give it to him, Ezrira is quite the interesting person. I love how unhinged he is but has the face of someone who seems unbothered and cooly detached while also a chatterbox who's just excited in gaining as many friends while also accomplishing his selfish desires.

It was interesting how I agreed on his normalcy concept because it's true. Morals such as good conduct are all perpetuated by those in control or who we perceive to be in control such as the concept of religion.

I also like how vaguely human shaped he is while also just unapologetically showing off the modifications that are on the already oddly shaped body. I feel like if MC stuck around with Ezrira it would be just the biologist rambling excitedly to MC with concepts that are twisted in his head while MC just looks at their companion going "My god dude, you are weird but a cool weird" lmao.

Spoilers down below~!

I remember playing this demo some time ago and by that time I was confused on what was happening and why the plot was this way. But so far, you really sold the dreary and bleak atmosphere. I like how it feels slow and boring at the first part and the pure monotonous progression shows MC's further mental state.

I like the twist at the end especially with the test scenes where we can be able to gather the real role MC has and how it goes against the traditional roles of what MC and the LI have which is very intriguing to see it in a different POV.











I have to say! I had an inkling on what the "roommate" was but I really like how we really see the thriller aspect of yanderes and how their obsession is downright terrifying when not in the lens of their love interest. I also like how you can see the roommate hesitating in the test scenes to take MC's life but in the Bad End in the actual game, you can see that the Roommate didn't even hesitate in answering the questions and a lackluster response. Probably the shock of killing someone faded overnight.

Really hoping we see more lore from the Roommate and seeing MC's mind work overdrive to outsmart the murderous killer. Great work!

Hello! Oh god now it's my turn to apologize for replying late. Anyway, AAAAA I'M SO HAPPY THAT SOME OF MY RAMBLING OF THEORIES STUCK TO THE WALL! I'm  no Matpat but I love theorizing so I must have been so happy when you confirmed some of my theories that I just... forgot to reply? Oops--

Anyway, I'm so happy you liked some of my theories (I'm brain rotting over Leighton and MC's relationship no matter what kind of relationship they are because Leighton is so bby to me even tho he can and will kill me) and don't worry about it not being a demo game! I honestly am just really happy with the VN as is and I'm just pumped to be able to learn more about Leighton and by extension the atrocities he committed. 

(Poor MC, let's hope we survive together bestie!)

I'm looking forward to the main game itself, but don't feel too pressured! I understand there are real life events going on so go at your own pace (~ 0w0)~ Again, really enjoyed my time playing the VN! 

Hope you have a nice day~!

Ah no wonder! It gave me a lot of novel vibes which I found enjoyable, I like the progression of how you became used to formatting text for visual novels (since I literally played through your vns apologies if I spammed you ":)) ) but I still found that despite the weirdness of the overall text, I enjoyed the overall theme and message conveyed!

Still, kudos for your development and improvement! 

Honestly this was so cool. One of the things I was stuck on is WHY Purple (the purple haired girl) has a gun. They're in a hotel, so why does she have a gun unless she brought it with her for safety. But why so? Don't they trust one another even online? MC makes it a point to say that they're both the same being trans lesbians but for some reason as soon as MC possibly went out for her shell to meet up with Purple (metaphorical or literal) she instantly turns on MC with a gun she brought. I'm assuming that deep inside purple she never once trusted MC (which, fair given it's the online world but wow is it unfair in this scenario) but not just that, she uses degrading and offensive language to refer to MC even though MC herself doesn't seem to be overly aggressive towards Purple. 

It all seems rather hypocritical of Purple to do so, especially when we can see that MC still has her rationality as evidence that she can communicate and even joke about what's going on, yet Purple won't lower her defenses and think of MC. It's quite interesting and sad to see so.

Woah, a lot of thought went into designing Azazel which is really cool, I love seeing your reasoning in adding parts of Azazel's design and their actual purpose not just in the story but also in real life. That's so cool!


Oh my god, I love how witty the banter was. I can totally see MC and Azazel become besties but not like the cute girlypop kind of best friends but the "Put your hand in that hole and I'll kill you" "*puts hand in hole*" "That's it."

Like, they're so insufferable with one another it's entertaining to watch, I feel like Azazel has the same crackhead energy MC has but they have the "rational" brain cell most of the time. These two will either cause headaches to one another or the entire populace around them or band together to cause as much mischief the world is not ready for.

Honestly, I fear for Annur's brain cells at this point, it's so funny seeing Azazel and MC interact and are similar to one another in some parts.

That was honestly sweet of a story, as well as hopeful for Priscyllia's life if she continues her career as a singer but in her own terms, or if she's going to explore her own interests and gifts herself.

I would have to say I had a lot of fun with the GUI and the overall design of the viusal novel, it looks quite polished and very much in tune with the overall theme of the visual novel, especially with the save/load screen. My main problem would have to be how the dialogue box takes up nearly half of the screen and obscures the cg of Sacha and it can be quite disruptive when trying to immerse oneself.

But aside from that, I like how we learn a bit more about Sacha's struggles in finding her identity, especially with so many expectations towards her race which is Succubi (I personally am in the camp that Succubi are people who bottom and not are limited to gender) but I also like how we get fun bits about her such as her love for soda cans and her opinions on clothes, it feels a bit more chill and focuses on the aspect of communication rather than sex in itself. 

Of course, I love the art for Sacha and everything else, especially with her eyes, they look expressive despite being in those hooded seductive look she has (which I suppose is natural to succubi nature). Amazing work done here~!

It's not bad! I enjoyed the art, it's very interesting and intriguing. The one problem I have is the lack of proper distinction between dialogue, action, and the names (for who is talking or doing the action). There are some words that are mixed in with the dialogue because of the quotation marks. 

Example: "Why did you create me. she asks" (which is why it was confusing to see what is a dialogue or not)

Another thing is the names, those being Android and ??? being mixed with each other's dialogue. It would have been better to separate the dialogue and action up instead of making it read like a normal story if the following action doesn't have a name tag instead.

The story is quite interesting but I feel as though the mystery is tangled up with the problems of formatting the dialogue which makes it difficult to follow along. But aside from that, you do have a general grasp of what's going on. 

It has some bumps to go through but the overall design and art is beautiful!

That was so interesting, it was like an episode of derealization but also a way to ground oneself from flying off too high and being lost in their thoughts. I also love how chaotic the dialogue can be, how the heart gives mixed feedback because of anxiety while the stomach remains constant (hungry but constant). I also like the simplicity of the story and problem because the fear of not fitting in is so prevalent especially in teenagers where they're trying to find an identity for themselves, especially with a lack of support from peers and family.

I also like how slow the story is with the MC not even sure about themselves and fighting to believe both the heart and stomach. It truly is reminiscent of the time I couldn't find a proper label for myself that felt like it was me but not me at the same time, because acceptance from other people felt so important to me rather than acceptance for myself.

This was quite the reflective work~! I had fun parsing through it!

That's so cool that you were able to make this vn despite being new to it, I really love the color pink so I can't really complain about having my retinas bleed. Either way, I hope you can be able to pursue a passion for making vns or find it fun to develop one, good luck with that adventure~!

Oh that's so cool! It's really fun as a writer to be able to expand on side characters and their stories to not just flesh out the character and world, but to also explore. I hope things go well!

Wow, that hurt me more than I thought. It has to be the unfair situation everyone is in, especially poor Mahiro who is by all accounts innocent in this situation and is instead being used by his mother and avoided by his father. I'm sure if Kyu wasn't here then Mahiro really would have been used as a sort of puppet against Mairo himself. Mahiro's just a sweet kid who just wants the same thing all kids want, love and affection from their parent, but because of the political situation he was deprived of that.

It's a bitter thing having to read through and see how much Kyu is struggling because on one hand, it's a shitty situation, and on the other hand, he can't help but love this kid that Mairo has too many mixed feelings with. I haven't played the main game yet but I like how much time is spent to expand side characters and show their own stories that are independent from the main game.

Lovely sad thing I've read, good work was done here~!

Oh that is so true. I have to agree with your thoughts about MC not dying, I initially thought they were dead because it could make the reason why Liotte was so frantic in wanting MC to come back to them, but we can attribute that madness to the direct result of a constant time loop practically traumatizing Liotte into losing whatever remnants of MC there is.

I think that Liotte holds romantic intentions towards MC before even the loop occurred due to the "stalking" items we find in the backstage. But if we go with the missing scenario, Liotte might be doing an intense investigation trying to find MC which can be written of ass stalking and harassment (especially if Ivan put those things into focus during a period where Liotte was becoming unstable to MC). Another thing I was curious about is if Liotte is only trapped in a TV show, if he wasn't and he was just trapped into a TV would that mean the CCTV footage of MC was him stalking MC? But that wouldn't make much sense because the time loop only happens on one day and the pictures of MC must have been done over a few days and so on so this must have been done before the time loop occurred.

Also I get the comparison between Liotte towards Furina, Scaramouche, and Lyney~! Though I have to say Liotte's design and general coy attitude leans more to Lyney instead of Furina's boisterous show business attitude while Scaramouche's trauma of abandonment and bouts of mood disruptions mirror how Liotte's mental state deteriorates the longer we converse with him.

Oh my god that was the cutest thing I've read. Just 3 teenagers with passion and ambitions of their own, and the fact they're able to take the steps needed and even going up to the Town Hall to present their case, that was so cute and inspiring. I love the little squabble at the start before the actual video commenced, it felt so casual and realistic to how chill friends are. I also adore Lise's dream because it's a dream many kids can have in wanting the world to be a better place, but even with a few words you can see the passion she has.

I'm also glad we get to also see the side comments of Solone and Emil, they both feel real and important, especially when they've assisted Lise so much. Their friendship is very comforting and the warmth is so evident with the visuals and music, it's calming and idealistic. Wonderful jam~!

Damn, at first I thought we would just be helping someone but learning about how the curse transfers is really messed up, especially when kind (or nosy) people can become easy victims. The curse makes me think of the way people can view mental illness nowadays with how easy it can be to get information, because the more they read about it the more they internalize the symptoms and mistaken themselves to have it until the manifestation becomes real.

I also like how the woman wails that she was such a good person that doesn't deserve this misfortune for over a year, but she was so quick to be able to pass on this curse to someone else who most likely was just like her. Quite hypocritical but I suppose desperate times call for desperate measures.

Quite an interesting VN, has a lot of potential especially if this curse can be spread like a sort of story telling disease, kind of like the chainmail creepypastas that haunted online web back then.

Oh that's so interesting! Also, I'm glad my comment was insightful since I was basically writing without a clear goal in mind since I just finished the demo and omg I just loved how the direction turned out. That lil comment about the mystery with "Sweet Tart" is honestly so intriguing to me so I'm really gonna go explore Lakritz's route after Peppermint once the VN is ready~ (I'm also highkey curious about the other sweet soldier we have).

Also I'm really glad for the locked in choice because now it means we can focus our goal directly on our chosen, LI! Thanks so much for the clarifications (even though it just ended with more mystery hehe)

Oh my god, this is both cute and detrimental to my heart. I can see the appeal of Lakritz, I mean tall dramatic guy with an angsty story and a heart full of conflict-- But I was more drawn to Peppermint because my boy is just trying to do his best and he's surrounded by packs of wolves and someone has to be there to support him as he stands up and finds himselfffffff

I have to say the visuals are absolutely beautiful and pleasing, liek no joke, I absolutely thought of how soft and adorable everyone was, even harsher looking characters such as King Karamel and Lakritz looked adorable and in tune with the usual bubbly and cute world of the Land of Sweets. Another thing is that I didn't like MC at first, I feel like I saw my future when she was having a hard time with her decision between spending money on a gacha game or herself, or the desperate measures she went through (because girl really spent majority of her funds there... Like, my girl, you should not get to those financial advise podcast if you want to protect your dignity). And during the trial scene I so badly wanted to tell her to just continue the mythos of the Land of Sweets by proclaiming some sort of candy event in the game/universe but then it got me thinking.

Realistically, wouldn't that just aggravate the king? 

We've seen in one of the choices where you can find a diary that King Karamel is paranoid, corrupt, and selfish. If MC even tried to use some sort of Oracle "magic" divining the future or current event that had happened, wouldn't that just further upset King Karamel such as what Lakritz points out that the king was so aggravated by MC's appearance he had her locked up so swiftly. So even if MC had definitive proof of her origins or benefits, she would have been seen as some sort of asset to the king or locked up to avoid her possibly "attacking" him the same way Lakritz is currently doing.

So yeah, those facts made me cool my head after the trial scene especially with how scatter brained MC was because she couldn't focus at all to what Peppermint was lore building over there, but then realistically, this is the game she has spent not just her time in, but actual money. So of course she'd be lost in her head absolutely made sense, especially with the after effects of the trial scene finally sobering her up because now, it isn't just a silly game she grinded in on, it's an actual harrowing real life situation MC has no choice but to brave.

Another thing I wanted to point out is Lakritz use of SweetTart, isn't that MC's ingame username? Or is it some sort of petname such as "dear", "darling", "sweetheart", and etc?

Nonetheless, I'm kinda hoping after this demo we're actually locked in our desired route because while I do like Lakritz design and overall character, I want to focus on our sweetheart Peppermint because I just want the marshmallow to be safe and sound and not accidentally enter Lakritz route because I decided to check the "right" dialogue option to increase his hidden love meter.

Looking forward to the development, hoping the team is chugging along life well, and this is quite a cool project moving forward!

This is actually really cool, I like the small lore behind why Ayal (I'm using his default name) is so fascinated and obsessed with MC because of the fact that no matter what universe MC's soul is in, they are some sort of yandere-magnet that attracts lovesick psychos to them to the point that even a creature that could be called God was interested in them. I think the concept of MC being constantly a target of yanderes is very fascinating because this sort of dark appeal is pretty new to me because it's like there is this unknown force compelling yanderes to become attached to MC.

I know there's a slim chance of this happening, but it would be so intriguing that after the events of Ending 3: Lovers Entertwined where Ayal has MC's soul, he reminisces on the journey of events that caused Ayal to become interested, particularly the different yanderes that MC faced and how their soul was consistent even through the events. But aside from the story potential, I just love the character design of Ayal (for some reason he reminds me of YUGIOH character designs) it also looks very interesting particularly with the chain designs because I'd like to think it symbolizes how MC will be chained to Ayal no matter what, and I just really love th flowy majestic hair of his ahahaha

Great short VN, I'm really digging it~!

I have to say... The MC is quite the character, while I think she seemed a bit too pushy I think I like how the goddess handled this kind of character. I also adored the art for how colorful it is but also that it gave a stained glass effect that I truly can't get over how beautiful it looks. Amazingly well done!

My god I remember playing this on my android a long time ago in the playstore. But I remember not finishing all of the endings, but now that I do it's making me laugh at the sheer ridiculous aspect of the game and the multiple storylines that come with each choice. Nothing aside from that one choice stuck to what you originally thought of the visual novel and I absolutely adore the humor and ridiculosuness of this game. I like how each story line changes with each choice and it really gives you incentive to try out something new, I also adore how absolutely crazy the True Ending was, and man the vibes towards Lily went insane, just goes to show how down bad MC really was.

Lil theory down below~ Will contain spoilers!

I have to say, I was confused at what was going on due to the progression of the plot and translation. But I stuck around and explored a bit more until I roughly have an idea on what the story is actually happening here.

But I just want to say that I absolutely adore the visuals and choice of design, it was so aesthetically pleasing while also curious over what's happening. And while it was confusing, I found myself interested over the story that was being shown and what it could mean.

But aside from the wonky pacing, writing, and translation, this was such an interesting story and I just love how the visuals compliment one another and the music seemed to fit the mood. My only complaint is to make it a bit more coherent but aside from that, it was a great bittersweet story.

Now, theory time~!

Just like the visual novel stated, the plot is set in a time loop, I think the transition of the TV showing static an dthe black and white background with a frustrated Liotte shows that with the amount of times Liotte has been looping the day, it became burned into MC's mind the longer this happened that they can remember vague words, emotions towards Liotte, and even scenes. The reason why Liotte is continuously looping the day is most likely because he either lost his MC in his original world before going mad with grief over losing MC that he searched for ways to bring them back, eventually leading to a fateful meeting with Ivan who might be the "Nevi" that was told during the script in the investigation sequence.

If not Nevi, then he most likely is a God who handles nevi then because of how he acts and his general attitude towards MC saying they have no choice and how he meddles. He probably enjoys Liotte suffering which is why he'll tamper with MC's mind and will (such as the scene where Liotte asks if he and MC could meet up face to face and if you choose the "Yes" option, you won't be able to with a background mocking and commanding you). Another thing I think of is happening is that either this MC is another version of MC in a different universe or something else, and they are trapped in an illusion handled mostly by Ivan because both MC and Liotte (him especially) have no actual free will and can only abide to whatever rules Ivan has.

Why I think this is true is in the Good Ending where the last CG shows the sky glitching out and the title "Reality?" showing that the world MC is in, isn't real and is just an endless loop unless MC themselves breaks it with their decision to stay with Liotte, or either abandon Liotte by taking Ivan's hand and leaving him in the loop world as shown in Bad Ending 1.

I most certainly think that Ivan is pulling the strings and MC is just an unknown part of this entire thing, held their against their knowledge, and Liotte is desperately trying to bring back MC (his lover) back even if it means restarting the entire loop so that they can fall in love with him or rely on him a lot more. Makes the Good Ending bittersweet because they've lived practically majority of their life in that loop and now no idea what will happen to them beyond that.


My god this was a doozy. So much has been added and I was completely blinded from how tense the atmosphere was, to the escape portion, and to the evolution of the story.

I have to say, I love how you included the original endings of the first version of the visual novel because when I saw the artworks I was hit with an instant hit of nostalgia. It was also lovely to see how much you improved artistically but also narratively because now it felt more complex and interesting. The use of shadows to symbolize Henrietta is honestly amazing because it feels like the shadows haunt MC, and all Henrietta really wants is to be acknowledged and cared for (a basic living necessity).

I have to say, I adore the art for the convention, it was so lively and colorful which provided a sharp contrast to the dreariness of the later stages of the visual novel. I adore the dreariness of the escape portion because with how things kept disappearing, the violence and chaos, as well as Henrietta's shadows and figure hunting MC, it honestly feels kind of what depression may feel like, especially with the 2 normal endings when you think you might get better but you just get dragged down even deeper. It reminds me of the Learned Helplessness theory that describes what depression may feel like.

Another thing I want to say is how utterly painful both MC and Henrietta are, they are so toxic to one another but MC is the real toxic person. I agree that we all make our own fictional characters suffer as an outlet to our emotions, but in the end we do give them happy moments. MC, however, didn't. The cycle of depression was so violent to MC that they couldn't even change the formula of how Henrietta's story could have been, I could have come up with different ways to spruce up the story because it genuinely sounds interesting and I know a lot of people would have been interested in it if something was added or changed compared to the constant formula of violence and distrust towards Henrietta.

My girl Henrietta was so tragic here, I firmly believe that everything that happened in the basement was a figment of MC's dark imagination because as we see in the True Ending, MC had slipped from the narrow stairs and hit their head on the ground causing them to pass out. So the people that were killed were probably parts of MC that their mind used "Henrietta" to punish/kill them. The one thing I liked is how we, the players, don't have to use the option of violence against Henrietta as what MC wanted. We can choose to spare her and find our passion (really, the hidden room was so out of pocket I feel like there could have been more of a sign for it). And I think the main reason why Henrietta says that the MC is the one obsessed with Henrietta is because they want to be either punished or guilted by the decisions they made in the past, and the reason why MC was so violent and cruel towards Henrietta is because that comic was made during the deepest stages of MC's depression, so looking at it makes them nauseous because it reminds them of that moment and why MC wants to vehemently move on from it.

But it's not fair to their characters, it's something MC thinks of especially Henrietta whom they were close to (as seen in the doodle) and was most likely a form of passion towards their own art. I honestly think Henrietta was pushed to the complete edge of desperation, longing, and neglect and that MC's own psyche pushed for Henrietta to do something drastic. 

The True Ending's ending was quite interesting because it must have implied that MC survived the fall and started to draw an ending for Henrietta where she was accepted and acknowledged, the lil trick that you used to signify the end with a hopeless hug but then show the ending where Henrietta was happy, I had some mixed feelings about it because MC never addresses their own wrong doings and how they were desperate for Henrietta's forgiveness.

But aside from that, I love the story that was finalized and shown here. One of my qualms is that the locked door puzzle was literally difficult because I had no idea what it wanted, maybe a prompt would have been much more helpful and also being able to have the MC say "This might be important..." to the faded numbers would have been a lot better. But I'm thankful for the walkthrough all things considered!

Overall, I love how polished and complete everything is! The original one already felt complete but this added layers to both MC and Henrietta and their toxic and painful relationship with one another. I genuinely felt bad for Henrietta because she is both teh symbol of passion and depression to MC and as such, she gets treated awfully by MC who couldn't find peace or help for themselves. It would be nice to see the original demo up because it gives a lot more context of what the story is, but I'm digressing.

This is really good, I adored everything about it and I love the terrifying and depressing atmosphere because it felt so tailor made for MC's own predicament. Amazing job!

I have to say, though this was short it was quite impactful as it dealt with how ugly having someone so close to you be stuck in a hospital looking like a shell of themselves. I'm so grateful that none of my immediate family has ever been put in the hospital but I remember my late cousin who was so boisterous and full of life stuck in the hospital, weak and frail, and so quiet. He was getting better until he suddenly wasn't. I remember I didn't feel much until we went to the wake and suddenly when I heard the speech I started bawling without noticing. 

There was such a solemn feeling to myself as I went through the text, there wasn't anything dramatic and it all felt so realistic and grounded. Bleak but what else do you expect? Regardless, the fact that there isn't a traditional happy ending and it just leaves you in an ambiguous mood is quite the best course of action especially if this was supposed to be a short yet emotionally charged story. Great job with this, I hope whatever is going on with your life, you manage to find peace with the experience and find a calm moment to rest from everything.

This honestly looks interesting but I've never played a game like this before, so I'm not really sure how to proceed with the game itself.

Oh this was so interesting! I like how no matter what happens or what choice you go through, the loop is already established. Even if you choose different doors at the start, it's already cemented in the story what happened in chronological order and that there was no hope for a different ending (at least, from what I could try and find). I like how there was hints of something going on beyond what we expected from the opening MC gave us. Lady Pink really went overboard and revealed interesting  things about this endless situation we find ourselves in.

I'm curious if that key would have been a sort of gateway into the world Lady Pink resides in, not sort of an exit to MC's world but to a different world itself. Still, this was quite the nice little visual novel even though my eyes did burn a bit from the amount of pinks that were being shown.

It's so great to see how much progress you've been able to make! Couldn't have been easy so it's nice that you took your time with it since it's easy to burn yourself out. Either way, excited to know the news and hope things go smoothly not just in the development but overall in your life as well~!

Walkthrough below~ Spoilers ahead~

Woah that was terrifying, I didn't honestly expect it at first given the game page, but as I played I was genuinely terrified because of how real it can be and atmospheric it was, especially with the chase sequence. I felt the tenseness and creepiness as I progressed further. There were some things I wished could be executed properly but aside from that, this was really well-done and I love how the story turned out, especially with the horror elements and how very much likely something like this can happen.

God, I loved the hints of unease, especially with the dressing up portion, and making the guy (completely forgot his name other than he was an O) a sinister character, especially during the chase. I also like how it wasn't a simple stalker case and that something even more sinister was going underfoot.

One of the things I felt like could be done properly is a save/load feature, especially with the chase sequence having a lot of options, not just that but a skip button would be much prefered since we've already went through the dialogue. The grainy filter you used for the chase sequence worked well the first time, but as it continued it became really hard to see through and admittedly dizzying, I was so caught up by the chase the first time that it didn't register, but now that it does but it would have been better to tone down the filter a whole lot. Some warnings could be appreciated with the game page and maybe one more image to show what kind of features would be there? 

But aside from that, everything else is honestly good I felt chills playing it for the first time until I started looking for the right choices to get an ending. Not only that, but I understand since it was a game jam there's a lot of time limitations and the fact you guys made a complete game is pretty cool!

Walkthrough ahead!

Ending 1 (Skinwalker): Succeed the car chase but fail at the on foot chase.

Ending 2 (Crash): Fail at the car chase.

Ending 3 (Ever After): Succeed the car chase and when you're at the on foot chase follow these steps; run away, turn right, hit him with a stick, run straight, dodge and cross, and run to safety.