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So far I am finding the game quite enjoyable, though I have to say there are a few things down the only route I have finished so far (Azreal) that I would have prefer not happen. But I did enjoy it.

Now starting the other route, but came confused by another character popping in, Creed. Can I ask who he is?

Thank you so much! I'm glad you found it Enjoyable <3 

I understand haha the routes can be pretty problematic to some people, I'm very aware not everyone will agree with where I took the story in some places-- especially in relation to some of the choices I made. I respect that though <3 Thank you for the honesty. You may, perhaps, run into similar issues with Angelo's, but I hope you still like it! I'm so glad you're enjoying it regardless! I hope those things didn't impact your play through too much.

You ran into an easter egg, Creed is a romantic interest from my first visual novel, so it's just a silly cameo for those who played Paper Roses.