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A member registered Jul 12, 2018

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Saw that the game just dropped on steam, and had to scoop it up! Super excited to get started! :D

Ah, okay.  Thank you.

Do we have any recent up to date information on the game? I can only find updates from 2018. Has this project been abandoned?

Cannot wait for this to come out on steam!!! <3

I will say one of the main things for really loving this game, is the art for the female prog. Cause it looks like it got a bit lazy and just put long hair on the male face. She looks so manly.

Really enjoyed the demo, I might have the game saved in my steam wishlist for when it comes out. :P

So far I am finding the game quite enjoyable, though I have to say there are a few things down the only route I have finished so far (Azreal) that I would have prefer not happen. But I did enjoy it.

Now starting the other route, but came confused by another character popping in, Creed. Can I ask who he is?

I am hooked on this game. Also absolutely  adoring the characters . Though by far I have to say I am loving Hiryuu! Each characters route seems very interesting.

I personally enjoyed the story so much, and waiting to see if there will be a full release soon since its far past March 2018. Need more of Noah. XDD