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Sure, I can give you some tips here and, if you'd like something more in-depth, you can you email me at and I can give you a full rundown.

So, it can depend on who you are trying to romance, but basically following your mother's initial advice and behaving like a frivolous twit is what is going to earn you the King's favour. 

Off the top of my head, a few of the 'easy wins' are being all shy when you first greet Seneschal Corin, not eating at the first ball, playing the Rose Princess in the play and playing her to the script, crying when you have the opportunity. Fainting is also always a great boost for your points, lol.

There are many more points available than are required to have the King choose you at the end, so you don't have to do everything right.  Also Bastien mentions on Day2 and Day7 how well you are (or aren't) doing with regards to the King's favour, so that should give an indication of whether you're on the right track. 

You'll know if you've managed it at the end because the King will ask your MC to step forward not Francesca - of course, whether you're there to hear him is up to you. ^_^

Thanks for playing

Thank you! I had just assumed that the whole thing was a lost cause from the beginning, so I never really bothered to cover up the MC's intelligence. But it was pretty fun to have the king pick her for a change, then have him be rejected; Leopold and the regular 'run away with Frederique' endings were particularly fun (What do you mean she's run off with her brother? along with Guillame's face as he hears that made me laugh). I can also see how we can get the loveless marriage path in the sequel thanks to this but more on that in another post. Thanks a lot!

No problem! I'm glad to hear the tips worked and that you enjoyed seeing it - I think the endings where the King picks the MC only to discover her absence are my favourite as well. ^_^