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Happy to know the progress is going well - congrats on finishing another chapter!

I understand oh so well the desire to skip on the middle part in a story and go from the intro to the juicy segments XD - I have the same thing when I master RPs and I have to write my scenario. I always need to fill the middle part with interesting things for the players to enjoy, but I can't go on with the main story yet, and it frustrates me. Funny because I don't feel it as much when I write other kind of things. I guess it's because it's SO frustrating in RP that I don't feel it anymore in other circumstances haha

But seriously, you CAN'T imagine how eager I am to play. Can you believe two nights ago I've DREAMT about this game. How obsessed one can be, eh? Can't exactly remember what was in that dream, aside from the fact it was about Kah'lil

Yes! That's exactly how I feel! It's frustrating but we have to write the middle part first before going to the juicy parts. Sometimes, this causes me to be lazy, but we gotta do what we have to do so I just push through (with force) and polish that part later :") 

This is why I often go back and forth from one chapter to another -- much to my proofreaders' dismay ><

And you dreamt about Kahlil?? I'm really flattered and jealous at the same time! X'D I've only dreamt once about Mitra but no other boys came to visit me in my dreams yet. I still remember it until now; Mitra is bringing me up to soar to a beautiful pink-baby blue sky. I think there's a forest below us, but the most memorable thing is when he turned 45 degrees to slip between the cracks of two cliffs.

Thank you for walking with me from start until now, Konoi! I also can't wait to hear your thoughts when Bermuda is finally finished! *hugs*

Oh I'm sure I'll love it!

As for the dreams, well, I have quite different dreams than most people - I hardly ever have dreams where I appear. So basically, it's like watching a movie. And even when I play a role in the dream, I'm almost never myself, like in the "me I am when I'm awake". In those cases I'm often one of my characters. Konoi is actually a wolf demoness that appears in my dream since I was 3 years old, and I'm always in her body in those dreams. They don't happen often, but each time she's older and lot of stuff have happened in her life.

A lot of the stories I create were actually taken from my movie-like dreams. So I can't really tell that a character visits "me" in a dream since I'm basically not in the dream and I obviously can't interract with them XD. It may be due to the fact I never identify with characters in fiction. For example, when I'm playing a romance VN, I don't project myself into the MC - instead I help them achieve happiness. I'm like a guardian spirit. Well, of course in  games like Baten Kaitos (not a VN, but oh well) where you actualle ARE the main character's guardian spirit, I identify with the caracter I play since it's basically the  role I always think I have when I play - with the exception I can also talk with the main character this time. Though, I tend to argue with Baten Kaitos' hero quite a lot, but that's funny too.

I think because of that, I have dreams about characters from games and series way more than people who are themselves in their dreams, as the dream can be "in context". So yeah, it was my first time dreaming about one of Bermuda's characters, but I often dream about Rama since I love him so much.

Oooh, that sounds awesome! OuO 
to be visited regularly and to grow with Konoi sounds awesome--when I dream, I usually only remember them for around 5-10 minutes before I forget them >< excluding the scariest/most beautiful ones that is.

A weird one is that I dream pokemon is real and I caught(?) latias/latios maybe? I was in a maze like garden so it's rather vague. Pokemon is my all time favourite game so I got so happy I wish it was real x'D

And awww, if you dream about Rama, please take care of Rama for me and tell him I love him QuQ if he can, I'd like him to visit me in my dreams too! x'D