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since speedrunning has been mentioned in the video i requested a site for the game :)
i also did a small speedrun myself: 

Timing starts on hitting the play button and ends with reaching the flag in the latest Level (and i split on hitting flags). Of course there is a lot of improvement possible

Feel free to post your runs in the comments of my video, i'll hit you up once the page is online so you can submit your run there


I think in-game time should be used (or sum of times for a full run).  Otherwise different hardware can get you different times.

thx, i'll look into that

at least on my hardware the timer seems to run in realtime

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While I definitely agree with this, there's also something else I've noticed with the time. The "miliseconds" are in base 60, so you can never get a time of xy.61 to  xy.99 in a run.

Yes, the last number is frames instead of milliseconds.

since there has been a lot of interest in speedrunning the game 

but the page is not online yet, we decided to already open a Discord for it.

Marble Marcher Speedrunning Discord: