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Yedoma Globula has similar gameplay to what you're describing, so you might what to check it out.   Cheers!

I think the controller direction in VR mode is relative to the head direction since there is no motion tracking for an xbox controller or keyboard.  It's definitely more natural to use the Oculus controllers if you have them.

That's awesome!  Yeah, it's a great technique if you need a lot of sound effects with almost zero extra memory.   I'll check out the game.

Yes, it is in progress.  Should be out soon.

Thanks!  Itch only takes 10%, which is much less than Steam's 30%.  So no need to wait for creator day, it's only a small difference.  You're already supporting me more by getting it here.

None yet.

Currently you need a PC.  I am working on the standalone version for Oculus Store.

There isn't anything the Itch version offers that Steam doesn't.  I think it only makes sense the other way around due to achievements, stats, trading cards, and more that could missed if you purchased only on Itch.

Thanks, I just added Steam keys with purchase, so you'll be able to claim it there too.  I don't have the soundtrack available on Itch, but it is coming very soon to other platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

No, but the website and source code can be downloaded and you can change the "count = 3" to more screens and add to the "positions = [...]" if you want.

It's usually a browser setting.

Great job!

No need to credit me, but you can always send me a link when you're done, I love to see what people create 😊

If you want to do deep zooms, check out the software "Ultra Fractal".

I can't do it from the app, but you should already have some kind of GPU control panel installed with your driver.  You can change the default GPU for each application there usually.

In the source code, it's called "max_freq", you would have to re-compile from source to change it.

I have not written any papers on the collision detection used in the game (my main contribution here).  However, there are many papers and tutorials already about ray marching rendering and procedural fractals or terrains.  Specifically, you could check out the work of Inigo Quilez.  But for collisions, I do have a more robust implementation in my python framework PySpace that generalizes the NP function to other SDFs besides Marble Marcher.

I'm not actively developing Marble Marcher right now, but the community edition is, that would be a better place to request new features:

Thanks!  By the way, there is yet another update with improved graphics, you should get a higher framerate.  Also, 'Play' will resume at the last level, you don't have to load each stage from the menu ;)

Thanks for the reminder, I completely forgot I could customize the page!

If you use the 'Free Camera' cheat, there's no marble to crush and you can go inside the fractal even when it's moving.

You can edit the save file in AppData/Roaming/MarbleMarcher/scores.bin.  Open it with a hex editor and just  fill the entire file with zeros.

Sure,  no problem!  Not sure why you would need my permission to test the game :P

If you download it, it is updated (same filename).

Can you confirm if making this change to assets/vert.glsl fixes the problem for you?

That's really strange...  Just to confirm, it says version 1.1.0 in the main menu, and every level in the levels menu has a time under it including the second page (all the way up to Fatal Fissures?) You do not need to redo the game, if you can see all the times then cheats are unlocked already.

I'm looking into a fix for this.

Do it when you're already in a level.

You have to beat the game first to unlock them.  Once you have, just press F1 during gameplay.

Thanks for the suggestions!

#3 Already works.  If you activate zoom to scale, then the mouse wheel will change the free-camera speed.

The only feature that affects performance is shadows.  You can disable by changing SHADOWS_ENABLED  to 0 in assets/frag.glsl (line 34).  But as it says in the description, you really do need a dedicated GPU for this game unfortunately.

New update has a fractal exploration mode, so you can take screenshots or record video with a free-camera.

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Is your problem with the game or your setup?

Make sure you have the assets folder in the same directory as the exe.

Use the GitHub for code questions, more people can help you there!

The physics updates are locked to 60fps so you wouldn't gain much with 144hz.

Yes, the last number is frames instead of milliseconds.

Just updated, you can now mute the music.

Just updated with a fix for this.

Just updated with a fix for this.