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Technically you can.  In assets/frag.glsl, you can set 'SHADOWS_ENABLED' to '0' on line 34, but it's a little harder to play because you can't easily tell the height of the ball without them.

I think in-game time should be used (or sum of times for a full run).  Otherwise different hardware can get you different times.

Hmm... I'll investigate.  Does it make any difference if you turn V-sync on or off?

That may indicate your driver is out of date for the graphics card, see if you can upgrade it.  If that doesn't fix it, then something strange is going on... Do websites like work for you?

I actually fixed this last night and updated the download.  It now drops frames when the GPU can't keep up.  So it gets choppier instead of slower when framerate goes down.  The physics, scores, etc all stay consistent.

I may add a 30fps mode for slower machines.  But yes, the game runs per-frame right now so that high scores are independent of your graphics performance.

Thanks!  To go around, try to stay on the top rail as long as possible.  Once you pass the edge, you'll see the flag and it should be easy to fall down and roll to it.  I did try controller support originally, but I felt like the camera was too difficult to control with an analog stick since it needs tilting up and down.

Thanks for playing this!  I have to admit It was painful to watch the low fps 😅  Definitely run it at a lower resolution if you do play it later on.  The frame rate is certainly more important than high resolution for gameplay.

Thanks for the feedback!

  • The graphical requirements are high, but it really is necessary for this type of game.  I've optimized as much as I can already.
  • You can restart instantly by pressing 'R' or right-clicking (it is listed in the controls).
  • I do actually use a combination of torque  and drag already, you have tighter controls when on the ground and looser control in the air.  The problem is that fractals are really bumpy so you often find yourself in the air more than you'd like.

Good to know.  These RTX cards must be pretty crazy!  I can't even get 60 on my GTX-1080 in that resolution.  I'll see what I can do about full screen options as well.

What do you mean by "true fullscreen".  It should support fullscreen already...

And what resolutions do you need?  Smaller ones or bigger ones?  I don't think bigger resolutions would run fast enough on any existing hardware.

It is currently being ported:

So I may have something for Linux and Mac soon.

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Hey everyone!  This is my first time releasing a game :)

This is not your typical game though;  it has fully procedural rendering and fully procedural physics using a new technique I developed.  Marble Marcher is the result of that work and there really isn't anything else like it.  So race through the 15 psychedelic levels  as your brain tries to comprehend fractal geometry!

I'd love to hear feedback and your experiences!