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I hear you. It's a tricky situation though, because I live in Finland which is like one of the most expensive places in Europe. This game equals pretty much two full years of my life and thousands of hours of dev time so I figured it's not that expensive if you think it like that. The price will of course drop eventually ;)

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Hey it is going on steam soon.


Honestly you are probably undercharging for this, independent of the cost of living where you are. You put two years of your life into this, don't apologize that it costs money. Eight dollars is nothing for this, and people who would complain about the price would complain about any price it deserved.

You did good with this game, and it's got style. I hope it does well.

Thanks OdicHastings, but with good conscience I couldn't charge more than 8 dollars, because the game is a bit rough at places still. There are many bugs around that need fixing. But I still think there's plenty of things to like in the game and I've poured everything I got into all the areas in the game.

If that's how you feel, that's fair. It's very well made, and it really shows how much effort you've put into it.

(you may have already seen reports on this btw, but I've encountered a couple of bugs myself. One is sometimes I can't change what body part I'm targeting, and the other is I've sometimes been able to do a "double backstab" with the mercenary by fleeing from the encounter I backstabbed into. I think when I flee the fight the mercenary may still be in his stab animation for another frame? So the game gives me another free ambush. It's useful for bringing down guards quickly, but probably unintended xD)

Thanks for letting me know of the bugs. One quick fix for not being able to target limbs in battle would be to move the cursor of the mouse off the screen. The cursor often overlaps with the keyboard commands.

Oh! I didn't even know I could use the mouse.

...Actually in that case it may have not been a bug. I may have just incidentally had the mouse cursor over the enemy's limb, and was inadvertently keeping it locked there.