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Definitely a great game! Can't wait for the full version! At least the wait won't be so long at this point.

I loved the characters and their sillyness at some points, and also the whole scoring and personality system, though I'm wondering if the score will affect the ending or some other things. I also can't help but notice the game has "7 romanceable characters", but it seems there are only 6, which means secret character. Nice!

Teo is definitely my favorite of the bunch, though Ashley isn't far behind.  They're so lovely.

I have only one complaint about the game - the fact that right-clicking the mouse doesn't bring up and close the save menu as with most visual novels. It bugs me to no end and I always right click before realizing it doesn't work. I also wish I could save during all choices - I always save at each choice, so I can check various outcomes of my actions and also they serve as checkpoints, since I like to re-read parts of routes I liked, and having a save at a choice helps me with knowing that's the right moment in the game. Not to mention not having a scroll back option prevents me from easily going back before  the choice to save at that point. I mean, can understand the desire not to let people save at choices, but I'd really like to be able to open and close the save menu with a right click at least.

Other than that, I really have nothing to complain about with this game - it's really great!

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You can save at choices -- hit the Escape key to pull up the menu. I do this often, myself! As for right click we found it was a problem for folks less familiar with Renpy's default contro mapping, that they'd hit it accidentally and get pulled out of the game. We can look into a way to allow the user to change the mapping to whatever they want, though. Thanks!

EDIT: As for scrollback -- we intentionally left that out so your choices matter, but it IS unlocked after one complete playthrough of the game. Or if you enter a cheat code. :)

Well, I needed the scrollback only because I couldn't save at choices. I think it's the first time I play a VN where you have to hit Escape in order to do so - couldn't have guessed XD