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Wowwww ive finally gotten through a large portion of this game and figured though not 100% complete i can finally give some feedback looking at the game as a whole.

First up, im a huuuge fan of messed up/villain routes in otomes so i knew for a long while before release i would enjoy this game, but i was still very pleasantly suprised.

The stories themselves are very immersive, to the point of it being very uncomfortable at times, leaving me awkwardly staring at the screen for long moments trying to pluck up the fortitude to continue, i really must commend your writing skills to evoke such primal responses from someone as jaded as me lol 

The characters are so well rounded, deep multi faceted flaws are complemented by relatable and even endearing traits serve to humanise them and on some instinctual level remind the reader that more often than not the scariest monsters are people themselves, and even those monsters arent completely without redeemable qualities.

Really, This is just fantastic work a thrilling roller coaster of anxiety, revulsion, desperation and a peppering of fluff and im so glad i got to experience it, also i cant recall if it was here in the comments or the dev log etc i read it about the feedback but i just wanted to let you know my favourite was absolutely Lucien as it seems his sad, desperate, manipulative charm was not as well received as was hoped.

I could honestly go on and on but this is already getting a tad long for a comment ha, none the less, thankyou, i look forward to seeing the prologues and epilogues and will definitely be looking for your works in the future!


Thank you so much for all the kind words! I'm very, very pleased to hear that the characters and their stories were immersive and emotional! A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into the development, so it's really rewarding to see comments like this :''))

Look forward to our future work because we definitely will be working on more projects (soon!!).