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Playing the game on Arch Linux. Runs perfectly, but the game doesn't save some configuration changes for controllers. Using a Dualshock 3 connected via USB and I have to change the button mapping every time I start the game since the pause button resets every time I close the game (it defaults to R1, which the game labeled "button 5"). All of the other settings save correctly, though brake occasionally resets back to L1 (button 4) since I usually map it to R1 and the game really wants R1 to be the pause button. And then sometimes the game starts with both of them mapped there at the same time.

Gameplay itself has zero issues, though (haven't played too far in yet but I'm having a blast so far), and other than the above bug everything works smoothly. Modern, high-quality shoot-em-ups are very rare over here so many thanks for the Linux release! :)


Fortunately, I own a dualshock 3! It should have been recognized by the game. It should have even displayed X, O, /\ and [] icons on screen! It's all there. But it's true that I only tested that feature on windows, not on linux. I'll try to fix that in an update. Thanks for reporting! :)