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Today I played Another World on PS4. Yours is really well done. I am always surprised by what it is possible to do using PICO. I am an Unity user, but sometimes it seems to me that I should try PICO - just for fun. Thank you for this game. I wish you the best ++

Thank you very much. I love the original so much (played it a lot in the 90's), but the new/remastered version is really great too - gives it a new lease of life!
I can wholeheartedly recommend PICO-8, it's just so much fun - and also great for prototyping.
Also, please don't judge its capabilities on this game - as I used only a quarter of the resolution available, because it was entered into a #LOWREZJAM.
If you do decide to give PICO-8 a go - feel free to reach out to me, or any others in the #pico8 community on Twitter, or the official forum/BBS.
All the best

Ok. Thank you for your advice. I start today :)