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I noticed, but only afterwards… I usually defeat enemies in two or three hits, the exception is the Junker that occassionally spawns near three scrap gathering points, and the goons during the Nui rescue mission. They have more health, and Mable will fire her weapon at them.


Speaking of that mission, while I don't object to the outcome currently available, I would like to see alternate paths (not a replacement) where I can avoid Mable getting assaulted. I don't mind rapey scenes where my character is the victim or the aggressor, but scenes where other's, especially allies, are assaulted and having the ability to protect them taken away… is off-putting.

That's not to say the scene itself shouldn't be there. It is really good, and I would enjoy it if I was playing Mable, if the other allies weren't present, or were part of the sexing me group (Like Fawn, or Kitty).

So, if you have time, motivation, and ideas, giving the player more options, like purchasing a weapon for Kitty, or blasting open the door with a smaller explosion, casting the gang into a panic with scattering debris and obscuring smoke so you can take them out in smaller groups, or something that lets the player feel like they have a bit more control.

It just felt odd when the game said "yeah, you trust kitty to leave with the explosive" when I really didn't. Her character art and personality raise all kinds of red flags for me, so I really wasn't as surprised as my character was when she pulled the "double bullshit" stunt.


And as for Nui, I understand not equiping them with weapons, jewelery, and most clothing… but why not marks?


Speaking of Kitty… Where do I buy her clothes? I want to wear her top and bottom…

I'm surprised I can unequip and wear everything else, but not complaining.

For Kitty and Mable, while their clothes say wearable by them and you, their ear equipment says it can only be worn by you, but after unequipping them you can put them back on the respective allies.

Got it, yeah. To be honest, I'm pretty uncomfortable with Mable having bad things happen to her too (a big part of the reason why the Mable version eventually grinded to a halt.) So I agree with you there about it being fine for the main character being okay as a victim/aggressor. Originally, I had definitely wanted to give the player some alternate routes through that part, but there wasn't enough time.

Nui might get her own clothes. Maybe marks.

Kitty's clothing, I hadn't gotten around to drawing the main character's version of them, so that's why she "conveniently" doesn't have anything else she can wear yet.

Thanks, noted about ear equipment.

Ah, that's good to know, about Kitty's clothes. I was trying to use Cheat Engine (unsuccessfully) to get duplicates. This also explains why I can't exit the clothes menu, or change characters while in the clothes menu, while the current character is undressed (or with underwear showing). I'm glad that it's not just Kitty, as it feels more… natural(?)… when the game doesn't let you do it for anyone. Since you plan(I assume, since your reply implies you do) to make the art of said clothing for the player, I'm glad you didn't just hide the clothing on the player equip screen and remove the player's name from the list of people that can were the clothing in its description, as that may have made people not get the clothing in future builds. Though since I can remove her daimond boots, being able to buy an extra pair would be nice.

Doesn't explain why I can't change change characters on the equip screen. As for bad stuff happening to Mable, that's fine (from my point of view, don't feel pressured into doing ut if you're attached to the character) so lonb as I'm playing her, and, as I said, the situation doesn't prevent the character I'm playing from helping others in trouble at the same time.

Clothes for Nui? I mean… maybe a hat? Marks at the very least. Not sure if body clothes are fitting for such a person… But marks di seem like something Nui should be able to 'wear'.

I'm also working on a game, but development is slow. And that's fine, I feel that rushing things is a fast track to making them inferior. Doesn't help that I can't afford to rush it. I'd like to talk to you more about my game sometime, privately, but I can see you're quite busy, so it can wait.

Stay awesome~!

Yeah, I'm pretty proud of the clothing system that I put together for it. Hopefully I'll be able to come back to this game at some point! Good luck with yours too and see you on discord~.