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Hi, David. I enjoyed the web version of this game. Now, I want to preorder it. But, when I tried the demo in linux it says error while loading shared libraries: Can you help?

Here is how to run Aground game on linux (ubuntu)
Run the .sh file instead of the binary file.
In the command line, run ./

How can you enter Linux?

Sorry, I don't understand what you mean by enter linux.

is that I do not understand what is linux


Linux is an operating system, like Windows and Mac. Aground runs on all three of those.

Thank you

Es que no entiendo lo que es linux.

Did you extract all the files in the .zip? should be in the game directory. Also, make sure you run the .sh file, not the executable, as it sets the path to find those libraries.

Thanks. It works. :)
This note should be included in the zip file.
For linux, "Do no run the binary file, but run the .sh file instead"

On the page, it should have the following instructions right?

Linux: Extract the .zip file and run (you may need to set it's permissions to be executable). If you're running a 64-bit version of Linux, you may also need to install the following libraries: libglu1-mesa:i386, libpulse0:i386.