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Hi, David. I've just got an idea.

Can you add an item that can block tunnel? Something like stone block or clay block.

So when you accidentally dig the sand and the water leaking, you can place that block to stop the water.

This also usefull when crawling the Wyrm labyrinth, as we can put that block on wrong path and only walk on unblocked path.

Hi, David. I think I found a bug.
It seems that farmer bots don't harvest items from Coral-pen. Is this behavior expected?

Sorry, I don't understand what you mean by enter linux.

Thanks. It works. :)
This note should be included in the zip file.
For linux, "Do no run the binary file, but run the .sh file instead"

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Hi, David. I enjoyed the web version of this game. Now, I want to preorder it. But, when I tried the demo in linux it says error while loading shared libraries: Can you help?

Here is how to run Aground game on linux (ubuntu)
Run the .sh file instead of the binary file.
In the command line, run ./

I'm looking forward to play the Linux version. :)

Two notes for developer and I would definitely buy this game. 

1. Need bigger view-port. It is very tiring to scroll through all planets with small view-port.

2. Need ability to unlink the planets (even if it takes another turns).

I really enjoy this game. And the turn limit makes it very replay-able.

I love it.