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Superb job!
Nice gameplay, Great atmosphere and unique concept, the only thing that isn't that great is the content;
-Few unique enemies per Area (The same guy appear over and over).
-Some songs are too short (they loop too fast).
-Few or none options.

I know it's only an early build so it's understandable so instead of this being a critique it's more of a suggestion:
A button to view the log.
That after battle if u end up with 2 or more Allied units that it let you choose which one to keep.
A button or something that let's you pass turn without moving or end turn.

But besides that and that time i got soft-blocked using Stalagmite.
Overall fun and enjoyable game i will definitely keep an eye for future updates.


Thank you very much for the feedback,

As you already said, the lack of content so far is definitely due to the early stages of development, this beta version of the game is more like a proof of concept for us. It also helps to identify who are the players that have interest in the game.

The final version of the game will for sure have much more content - and we are already working on that; tons of environment, cards, enemies, bosses, NPCs, trinkets, and treasures!

Right now, we are considering just some small fixes in this version of the games, and your suggestions and bug report may be useful for that!

If you want to keep an eye on the development process you can also join us on the Dungeon Drafters discord channel ;)