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Beat it! Fun game, if a little slow in the later combats.  Never found the bow upgrade guy, if there is one.  I thought there would be a secret for sailing across the cave in the frozen north but there wasn't. I also got a bug when returning after getting the orb of the east where it immediately teleported me to that orb's destination and I couldn't re-enter the grove afterwards.  I had just spent all my money on sword upgrades so when I found out that I needed 1k for the ship to progress I thought I would be stuck fighting goblins for ages.  Luckily it fixed it self when I reloaded the game. ( I see in the comments below that someone else had the same problem and you fixed it.  Thanks for not breaking saves!)

There's also a bug where the ghost castle is entirely optional-- the Skull Gate tile is walkable so it doesn't impede progress.

Glad you enjoyed the game!

I just uploaded a fix for the sail-through skull – thanks for bringing that to my attention!